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Video conferencing services

Video conferencing services are available at K-State for students, faculty, and staff, including desktop and mobile video conferencing, and the use of high quality video conferencing rooms.

Zoom video conferencing

Zoom is an HD quality video conferencing tool that is available on PCs and Macs, as well as on Android and iOS devices. Zoom allows for video conferencing and collaboration between up to 50 devices (up to 100 by request) in a meeting.

Zoom features
  • HD audio and video with up to 50 participants (up to 100 by request)
  • Screen sharing and annotation
  • Meeting recording
  • Phone dial-in
  • H.323 integration

For more information, including how to sign up, see Accessing Zoom or the Using Zoom handout.

Video conferencing rooms

The following IP-based video conferencing rooms are available for scheduling:

RoomMaximum capacity
Dole 13715
Dole 16430
Bluemont 12239
Leasure 00139
Leasure 01379
Room scheduling
  • Dole 137 and 164
    Contact: Shelly Troyer (shelleytroyer@k-state.edu, 785-532-2993)

  • Bluemont 122, Leasure 001, or Leasure 013
    Contact: Facilities Room Scheduling (785-532-1712)

Other resources

Instructional capture and webcasting

Event/Lecture Capture and Streaming Services
Robert F. Nelson, Coordinator
(785) 532-3141 (office)
(785) 532-2535 (department)

Studio productions and
remote broadcasts

Video and Engineering Services
Division of Communications and Marketing

Audio-only conferencing

Audio conferencing
Computing and Telecommunications Services
785-532-7000 or 866-379-2279