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Two-factor authentication

K-Staters personal data and research are at risk now more than ever. With so much personal and institutional information to safeguard, Information Technology Services (ITS) has implemented a two-factor authentication system, which uses two steps to identify individuals who access K-State's systems.


Use the step-by-step help guides listed below to enroll in Duo. If you need help enrolling, contact the IT Help Desk at 785-532-7722 


Why is push the best authentication method?

  • It’s quicker than a text or a phone call.
    • Authenticating with a text message requires waiting to receive the text, reading a passcode, and then typing it in.
    • Phone calls require actually answering the phone, listening to the recording, and using the dial pad to approve the login.
    • Duo Push is as simple as approving a notification on your smartphone.
  • It’s more secure
    • Duo Push uses cutting-edge end-to-end encryption that SMS and phone calls can’t.
    • The Duo Push screen displays detailed information about the application and source device that initiated the authentication request.

How much data does a Duo Push use?

Almost none. 500 pushes to your device will use 1 MB of data in total. This is roughly equivalent to loading one webpage on your smartphone.

Does installing the Duo Mobile app give up control of my phone?

No. Duo Mobile has no more access or visibility into your phone than any other app. Duo Mobile cannot read your emails or track your location, it cannot see your browser history, and it requires your permission to send you notifications. Lastly, Duo Mobile cannot remotely wipe your phone.

Why does the Duo Mobile app need to access my camera?

Duo Mobile only accesses your camera when scanning a QR code during activation.

What if I don’t have a wireless connection or cellular reception?

No problem. Tap the key (iOS) or pin (Android) icon in the Duo Mobile app to generate an authentication passcode. You do not need an internet connection or a cellular signal to generate these passcodes.

What if my push alerts aren’t coming through?

Try these easy troubleshooting steps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, or BlackBerry. Still not working? You will need to Reactivate Duo Mobile.

duo enrollment
At this time, Duo is only available to a small group. If you did not receive an enrollment email, you are unable to participate.