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Kansas State University

Mailing lists

With mailing lists, email messages sent to a mailing list are forwarded to members/subscribers of the list. There are four types of mailing lists at K-State:

  1. Distribution list: Basic mailing list with a K-State email address that is typically used for group communication.
  2. LISTSERV mailing list: Advanced mailing list with subscription and privacy options.
  3. Enrollment-based: Mailing list of your currently enrolled students. (instructors only)
  4. Internal: A way to frequently email a selected audience of K-Staters (fee based).

Distribution list (previously known as email alias)

A distribution list has a K-State email address and is best used for internal, group communication. It is a no frills distribution list; messages sent to the distribution list are then sent to members of the list. You can also set up your list so that messages sent to it are forwarded to another email address. This is often used if you have an email address that is publicized for marketing or other purposes. Distribution lists were previously known as email aliases. The maximum number of email addresses in a distribution list is 200. If you need more than 200 email addresses, a LISTSERV is a better option. Advantages of a distribution list:

  • Only the contact person can add/remove members; members cannot add themselves.
  • Manage the list in eProfile using your K-State eID and password.
  • Can act as an email alias; messages sent to the list can be forwarded to another email address.

Distribution list links:

Get a distribution list

LISTSERV mailing list

A LISTSERV mailing list offers subscription, privacy, email limits and other options. It can be used for small group communication but it is most often used to communicate with large groups of subscribers. Advantages of a LISTSERV mailing list:

  • Can handle hundreds of subscribers.
  • Members can be added by the list owner or self-subscribe.
  • Easy-to-use web interface for managing list options and subscriptions.


Get a LISTSERV mailing list


An enrollment-based mailing list includes your current students. Enrollment-based mailing lists are deleted at the end of the semester, along with the removal of the accumulated monthly log files (notebooks). They are often requested because:

  • Instructors can set options to allow class discussion (students can send messages to the list) or use it as an announcement only list (only specific people can send messages to the list).
  • You can add other people to the list such as teaching assistants, guest speakers, etc., so students can interact with them as well.

Get an enrollment-based mailing list


An internal mailing list is good for when you need to email a selected audience of K-Staters frequently. Please note that the fees will be waived for academic projects. There are two options for your internal list:

  • Auto-updated internal mailing list: Updated automatically, at least once a week; 12 months = $100 plus $.05/name (counted on the 20th day of classes).
  • Basic internal mailing list: Updated at your request; 12 months = $35 plus $.02/name any time the list is updated.

Get an internal mailing list