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Computing Labs and InfoCommons Policies

  • All federal, state, and K-State IT policies must be observed when using the labs and InfoCommons facilities. K-State's Information Technology Usage Policy covers appropriate use and examples of prohibited use.

  • Food or drink is prohibited in the labs, but is allowed in the Hale Library 24-hour study area. Drinks are allowed in the K-State InfoCommons.

  • Only K-State students, faculty, and staff may use the computer equipment in the labs. Users may be asked to show a valid K-State ID as proof of enrollment and/or employment status.

  • Children under 18 are not allowed in the labs unless accompanied by a parent/guardian or enrolled at K-State.

  • Recreational computing -- including game-playing, Web browsing, and Internet chat -- must not interfere with or disrupt academic use. Use of the computers for academic purposes (classes or homework) has priority over recreational computing.

  • Requests to add software in the labs should follow the guidelines in the software addition policy.

  • The first violation of a lab policy may result in a one-week suspension from using the facilities. Subsequent violations may result in the suspension of the eID for an extended period, as well as further university sanctions based on the violation.