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Instructional design

K-State ITS offers services to assist you in maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency of your instruction in on- or off-campus learning environments.

Instructional design consultation, training, and support

Instructional designers are available to assist faculty in developing engaging and high-quality learning environments for both on- and off-campus use.

IDs offer:

  • Face-to-face presentations to departments on instructional design topics
  • Support for grant development (in terms of pedagogical design)
  • Support with authoring tools and technologies for online learning development
  • And other services
IDT Roundtable

The Instructional Design Roundtables are a series of interesting and innovative instructional design, e-learning, and new teaching topics for faculty to learn, share, and discuss with their peers. Roundtables are co-offered by the Information Technology Assistance Center (iTAC) and the Office of Mediated Education (OME).