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Information Technology Services

IT Help Desk
Kansas State University
214 Hale Library
1117 Mid Campus Dr. North
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Frequently Asked Questions

eIDs and passwords

Q: I changed my password, why can't I get a wireless connection now?

A: If you're having problems connecting to K-State Wireless after you change your password, you might need to run through the wireless connection process again. Learn more.

Q: If I miss a password deadline, how do I change my password?

A: If you miss the password deadline do one of the following:

  • Click the Forgot your eID password? link on the K-State sign in page and have a temporary password emailed or texted to you. (Must set password reset options on your eProfile first)
  • Call the IT Help Desk at 785-532-7722
  • Come to the IT Help Desk in 214 Hale Library with a Photo ID
You can change your password online, You can go get a new password or come into 214 Hale Library with a Photo ID or call the IT Help Desk at 785-532-7722.

Q: Can I use my eID password immediately after I receive a new one or change my eID password?

A: Yes, it should take no more than a few seconds to update.

Q: Can I change my eID?

A: You can change your eID for $50.00. Contact the IT Help Desk for more information.


Q: How do I access my email?

A: You can access your email using WebMail. Also see: Supported email clients for Office 365. Email is also available on Connect.

Q: Can I forward my email?

A: Email forwarding is set in the Outlook Web App. See Outlook Web App: Forwarding your email for instructions.
Note: The university sends official correspondence to K-Staters via their primary email addresses with full expectation that communications will be received and read in a timely fashion. If K-Staters forward their mail to another email address (Gmail, Hotmail, departmental server, etc.), their primary campus email address remains the official destination for official university correspondence.

Q: How do I configure my email client for my K-State email?


Q: Do I need antivirus on my computer?

A: K-Staters connecting their computers to the Kansas State University network are required to use the university's antivirus software. This software is provided free to students, faculty, and staff for both university-owned computers and personal home computers. All computers running Windows or Mac OS X operating system must have Trend Micro Antivirus installed before connecting to the K-State network. See the Antivirus website for more information.

Q: When I try to download antivirus software off-campus it asks me for a user name and password, what is it?

A: It is your K-State eID and password.

Computer help

Q: Where can I get help with my computer?

A: The IT Help Desk (214 Hale Library) can help with many computer problems. Computer repair is available for a fee for personally owned computers of K-State students and employees. Warranty support is provided for Dell and Apple computers.

Viewing videos

Q: Why am I having trouble viewing a video online?

A: The minimum download speed needed for quality viewing of video online is 2 Mbps. 4 Mbps or greater is recommended. Viewing quality is impaired at lower speeds.

You can test the speed of your Internet connection, by going to: http://speedof.me. This HTML5-based speedtest works directly in your browser without third party plug-ins. It also works on iOS, Android, Windows 8 smartphones. Be aware that your Internet connection can dynamically change to provide the best service and that a speedtest is a check at a point in time and not an overall evaluation of your connection. It is also not always accurate depending on locations of test sites and conditions.

See A Quick Guide to Optimizing Video Lectures for more tips to improve online video viewing.


Q: How do I add money for printing?

A: Your print account is your Cat Cash account. Once you have used your semester print money ($10 for the fall and spring semesters; $5 in the summer), you can add money to your Cat Cash account online with a debit or credit card.

If you prefer to add money to your account using cash or check, you can do this at the K-State ID Center on the first floor of the Union during their office hours.