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K-State CatPack (software suite DVD)

The CatPack DVD is a free, personalized software collection for K-Staters. Because some software is restricted due to licensing agreements, the CatPack is for K-State faculty, staff, students, and university departments only. A new DVD is released on the third Wednesday of each month and is available at the IT Help Desk, 214 Hale Library.

The Windows/Macintosh CatPack DVD is only for computers running these operating systems:

  • Windows 7, XP, or Vista
  • Macintosh 10.5, 10.6, or 10.7

Windows category

Windows software on DVD (32-bit or 64-bit)

  • Trend Micro OfficeScan — Antivirus software for use on campus and home computers, plus the most current virus definitions. Restricted to use by K-State students, employees, and departments only. Also available via download from This software must be removed from your computer when you leave K-State.
Anti-adware, anti-spyware
Audio editor
Browsers (web)
CD/DVD burning
Dial-in software
  • Dial-in software — Software for those using K-State as their Internet Service Provider. See K-State's dial-in page for more information.
Disk (secured)
  • True Crypt — Can create an encrypted, password-protected volume with its own file system, contained within a regular file.
File compression
and decompression
  • WinRAR — Used to archive files into a single, extractable file.
  • Winzip — A zip program that processes RAR and Zip files.
File Transfer Program (secured)
  • WinSCP — A secure FTP program to access remote computers.
Java client
  • Java) — Cross platform computer language that many modern computer applications and web applets are written in.
Media players
  • iTunes — Used for playing and organizing digital music.
  • Quick Time — Used to listen to many different audio formats and to watch several video formats.
  • Real Player — Used to listen to streaming media from the Internet.
  • VLC — Used for various audio and video formats.
  • Windows Media Player — Used to play music and video of many different file types.
PDF reader
Photo/picture viewer
  • Picasa — Used to organize and edit digital photos.
Security updates
  • Windows Security Updates — The most current, critical updates for Windows 2000, XP and Vista. These can be updated from the Microsoft website. (Click on your PC's Start button | All programs | Windows Update, or open Internet Explorer and click on Tools | Windows Update.)
System terminal
  • PuTTY — Software used to sign in to K-State's central Unix system securely.
Video converter
Word processor
X Windows system
  • XMing — An emulator for the X Windows System that makes the PC interface similar to a Sun workstation.

Mac category

Mac software on DVD

Browsers (web)
  • Firefox — Mozilla web browser.
  • Sea Monkey — Mozilla web browser with e-mail client.
  • Apple Mail — Apple mail client.
  • Firefox (PDF) — Mozilla web broswer.
  • Fugu (PDF) — FTP program.
  • Quicktime (PDF) — Media player.
  • Sea Monkey (PDF) — Mozilla web browser with e-mail client.
  • StuffIt (PDF) — Compression and expansion program.
  • Thunderbird (PDF) — E-mail client.
  • Webmail — How to access e-mail from the Web.
E-mail programs
File compression
and decompression
File Transfer Program (secured)
  • Fugu — A secure FTP program to access remote computers.
Media players
  • Quick Time — Used to listen to many different audio formats and to watch several video formats.
PDF reader
Operating system upgrades
  • OS X — Upgrades for the 10.4 Tiger operating system.
Video converter