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Kansas State University
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Wildcat Cable TV Policies


Wildcat cable television is considered a SMATV (Satellite Master Antenna Television System) under federal regulations. We are not considered to be a "Public Cable System" under the provisions of the Communications Act of 1934 and the Telecommunications Act of 1966.

We are dedicated to providing quality cable television service to our customers and to assuring that each problem is immediately resolved to the customer's satisfaction. These customer service procedures, in addition to many other issues, are covered in material generally provided to you at the time you sign up for service or in our public inspection file. This is available to you during normal office hours, Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m., holidays and lunch hours excluded. Our main office is located at 109 East Stadium, Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas 66506.

This notice summarizes some of the procedures that you need to know to help us answer questions and resolve complaints you may have about billing for the services you receive, the quality of the television signals or other services we provide.

The following policies and practices, set forth below, are used when providing for you cable television and other services. We may change them in the future and will notify you if that occurs. We will continue to review our policies and practices as part of our commitment to continually review and improve the quality of services we provide. We will send to you a written notice informing you of any changes and the effective date. If you find the change unacceptable, you have the right to cancel your service. However, if you continue to receive service after the effective date of the change, we will consider this your acceptance of the change.


As used in these Policies and Practices:

"We", "Company", "us", or "our" means Wildcat Cable, part of the Network and Telecommunications Department of Kansas State University, its employees or its authorized agents.

"You" or "your" mean the customer identified on the work order that was signed to begin your cable TV service.

"Home" means the place you live, including a single family home, apartment, residence hall, other residence or any other type of dwelling unit where your service is installed.

"Hourly service charge" means the hourly charge you pay us for certain services. It is designed to recover the costs of servicing, installing and maintaining customer equipment.

"Installed" means either installed or activated.

"Equipment" means one or more of the following: converter, converter/descrambler, remote control unit, security device, addressable control module, A/B switch, coaxial cable ("cable") which is not inside wiring, parental lock-out device or any other device installed in or around your home, or provided by us, necessary or convenient for you to receive cable TV programming or other services from us.

"Service" means the cable TV programming or any other service that we provide to you.

Payment for service

We provide service to you on a month-to-month basis. Charges for service start within 24 hours after service is installed.

The bills you receive will show the total amount due and the payment due date. You agree to pay us monthly by the payment due date for that service and for any other charges due us, including any returned check fees.

You may change the services you receive, we do NOT charge you a change of service fee such as upgrade or downgrade charge. There is no charge to voluntarily disconnect your cable television service. If you have any questions, please contact us at the telephone number identified on your bill or ask the representative you talk to when requesting a change in service. A listing is also provided to our customers annually in a mailing at the beginning of the fall semester.

You agree to pay all taxes, franchise fees and other charges, if any, which are now or may in the future be assessed because you receive our service.

If your service is disconnected because you do not pay your bill by the due date, you will be charged a late fee, currently $15. If there are any billing errors or other requests for credit, you must bring those to our attention within two months of the time you receive the bill for which you are seeking correction.

If we are required to use a collection agency or attorney to collect money that you owe us or to assert any other right which we may have against you, you agree to pay the reasonable costs of collection or other action. These costs might include, but are not limited to, the costs of a collection agency, reasonable attorneys fees and court costs. This system may also take other action as permitted by university policy, such as the placing a hold on student records, transcripts, or re-enrolling until collection is made on money due us. We reserve the right to garnish financial aid to clear delinquent accounts.

  • Your service is liable to be disconnected if your bill is 15 days past due.

Company changes in service and charges

Subject to applicable law, we have the right to change our service and equipment and our prices or fees. We also may rearrange, delete, add to or otherwise change the service provided on our Power Cat Service or other levels of service. If the change affects you, we will provide you notice of the change and its effective date. The notice may be provided on your monthly bill, as a bill insert or by other permitted communication. If you find the change unacceptable, you have the right to cancel your service. However, if you continue to receive service after the effective date of the change, we will consider this your acceptance of the change. To the extent required by law, after notice to you of a retiring of our services or rate increase, you may obtain changes in service tiers at no additional charge. Otherwise, changes by you of the services you receive may result in upgrade, downgrade or change of service charges. Please refer to the Products and Services Price List we have supplied to you for details, or call us, if you have questions.

Termination of service

Once you sign up for service there is a minimum commitment of (30 days) for service. After that time period you have the right to cancel your service for any reason at any time by giving us notice. We will refund any balance due to you.

You may not assign or transfer the service without our written consent.

Individuals are responsible for terminating their cable television service. Charges will continue to accrue until the office is notified that you intend to disconnect service. However, service will be automatically terminated (for residence hall customers only) at the end of the spring semester and no action is required of the subscriber for this termination. Jardine Apartment customers must notify the Cable TV office that they wish to disconnect service.

If you change residence hall rooms, leave K-State or for any other reason need to terminate your cable service you MUST notify Wildcat Cable TV of the change. Clearing housing and dining services DOES NOT cancel cable TV service.

You may cancel your service by signing into your account online and canceling service or by e-mailing us or stopping by room 109 East Stadium and filling out a cancellation form. A telephone call or leaving a voice mail message is NOT acceptable for canceling services.


The equipment installed by us belongs to us or other third parties, unless you have purchased it. We may, at our option, supply new or reconditioned equipment to you.

You must have our prior written consent to sell or give away our equipment and our equipment may only be used in your residence hall, apartment, or living unit.

If you cease to be our customer, you are responsible for returning the equipment to us or our designee. If you move, do not leave the equipment in your vacant room or with anyone else. The equipment must be returned to us or one of our representatives in working order, normal wear and tear excepted, or else you will be charged the retail price for a new replacement and other charges for each piece of equipment not returned.

You are responsible for preventing the loss of, or damage to, the equipment within your home, room, or apartment, we suggest that the equipment in your possession be covered by your homeowners, renters or other insurance.

We are not responsible for problems with the operation of your television or television related equipment. We do not service television receivers or any other television related equipment (such as VCRs, home antennas or other cable compatible equipment) not owned by us, even if it is attached to the cable or to our equipment.

None of the equipment supplied by us, nor any of our cable placed in your home, room, or apartment, or property in connection with the installation of the equipment and service, shall be deemed fixtures, or in any way part of your real property, unless you purchase our cable to the extent permitted by law when service ends. The equipment supplied by us may be removed by us, at our option, at any time during or following the termination of your service due to nonpayment for service.

The interior wiring within the residence halls, apartments, or homes is considered to belong to the university, unless you have purchased it from a third party to supply an additional outlet, within your room or to connect a VCR or other device to the system.

Access to customers' homes

You authorize us or our designees to enter into your home, in your or your representatives presence, or upon your property during normal business hours or by appointment, to install, inspect, maintain, replace, remove or otherwise deal with the equipment supplied by us and service. This authorization includes allowing us or such designee to be on your property outside your home at reasonable times even if you are not at home. You authorize us or our designee to make connections and perform other tasks which are necessary or desirable to enable us to provide service to you or others, including connecting and making necessary attachments to your inside wiring.

Unauthorized service and use of equipment

We provide service to you for your private home viewing, use and enjoyment. You agree that the programming provided over the cable system will not be viewed in areas open to the public. The programming may not be rebroadcast, transmitted or performed, nor may admission be charged for its viewing without first obtaining written consent, in advance, from us and our programming supplier(s). This consent may be withheld at the sole discretion of either of us.


Much of the equipment and many of the devices necessary to receive our services are available both from us and others. If you purchase or lease such equipment from us, you are responsible for assuring that it does not interfere with the normal operations of your local cable system and other communications systems and devices. For example, you agree not to install anything, to intercept or receive, or to assist in intercepting or receiving, or which is capable of intercepting or receiving, any service offered over a cable system, unless specifically authorized to do so by us. You are responsible to pay for all services received or otherwise provided to your household. You also agree that you will not attach anything to the inside wire or equipment, which singly or together results in a degradation of the cable systems signal quality or strength. You may not attach any device or equipment to your inside wiring in a way that impairs the integrity of the local cable system, such as creating signal leakage, which may cause a violation of government regulations, or attaching devices or equipment, which alone or together, results in a degradation of signal quality. Furthermore, services or signals provided by us which are carried on or transmitted through the inside wire or equipment provided by us may not be commingled with signals or services provided by others.

We can recover damages from you for tampering with any of the equipment, or any other part of the cable system, or for receiving unauthorized service.

You must return any converter we supply to you which is owned by us or others when you are no longer a customer.


Limited 30-day warranty and limitation of liability

Except as explicitly set forth in the terms and conditions of specific services we provide to you, we warrant, for a period of 30 days from the date of our installation or repair, that our service and the equipment we have installed or repaired will meet accepted industry standards and be free from defects in materials or workmanship. If you report any failure to conform to this warranty to us within that 30 Day period, we will re-perform the non conforming services and repair or replace the non conforming equipment. Such performance of work or repair or replacement of non conforming equipment shall constitute our entire liability and our sole remedy under this warranty, whether claims or remedy are sought in contract or tort (including negligence, strict liability or otherwise, without limitation).

In no event shall our employees or agents have any liability for special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages resulting from our provision or failure to provide any equipment or services to you, or from any fault, failure, deficiency or defect in service, labor, materials, work or equipment furnished to you.

The foregoing warranties are exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties, whether written or implied, in fact or in law. We, to the extent permitted by applicable law, disclaim any and all warranties of merchant ability or fitness for a particular purpose.

Except as expressly required by law, we will not be liable for any delay or failure to perform our obligations, including interruptions in service, if such delay or nonperformance arises in connection with any acts of God, fires, earthquakes, floods, strikes or other labor disputes, unusually severe weather, acts of any governmental body or any other cause beyond our reasonable control.


If we send you notice, it will be considered given when deposited in the U.S. or campus mail, addressed to you at your last known address or hand delivered to you or to your home. We may provide electronic or telephone notice to you, which shall be deemed given when left with you. If you give notice to us, it will be deemed given when received by us. We are not require to give you any notice prior to disconnecting your service for failure to pay, misuse of equipment, or illegally supplying cable to another unit.

Changes to policies and practices

We will notify you of changes to these policies and practices. Any changes proposed by you will be effective only when accepted in writing by one of our senior officers, within their sole discretion.

Billing policies/customer complaints

If you have any complaint regarding the quality of the television signals we deliver, you should contact us by phone or in writing to inform us. We will promptly try to resolve the problem.

  • Our business office is open weekdays, Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. except holidays and the lunch hour, for customer visits and telephone calls. Our telephone number is printed on your monthly bill.
  • When you call about a service problem during normal business hours, a Customer Service Representative (CSR) will attempt to determine the nature of the problem. If possible, the CSR will help you resolve the problem over the telephone. If the problem cannot be resolved during the call, the CSR will schedule a Service Technician to visit your home, usually within 24 hours of the time of the call. If our workload permits, the Service Technician will be dispatched the same day.
  • You will not be billed for any service call in which it is determined that there was in fact a problem with the service or equipment we supplied.
  • You may be billed for any service call in which the problem is with customer supplied equipment or the customer's equipment is improperly connected to the cable system.
  • If you call about a service problem outside of regular business hours, the call may be answered by an answering service or answering machine. The service or machine will record your name, number and nature of the problem. Please leave both your home and work telephone numbers. We will call you during normal business hours the next working day to resolve the matter. When possible, a Service Technician will be dispatched promptly to fix the problem. In all other cases, the answering service or machine will forward the information to our office.
  • You might experience outages on some channels during periods of extremely heavy rain or snow.

  • We offer an "appointment window" for installation, service calls or other installation activities which are either a specific time or, at a maximum, a four hour time block during normal business hours.
  • We commit to a policy to not cancel our appointment with you after the close of business in the business day prior to a scheduled appointment. If we are running late for an appointment, we will attempt to contact you and will, as necessary, attempt to reschedule to a time that is convenient for you.
  • We will maintain complaint records for at least a one year period.
  • Your monthly cable bill not only gives you a listing of your charges, payment and credits; it may also contain special messages, such as those regarding service or rate changes. Please take the time to read the monthly messages and to review your bill carefully to make sure your name and address are correct. You will generally be billed at the same time each month.
  • The bills you receive will show the total amount due and the payment due date. You agree to pay us monthly by the payment due date for that service and for any other charges due us, including any fees due to late payments, or returned check fees.
  • You agree to pay all taxes, franchise fees and other charges, if any, which are now or may in the future be assessed on the services you receive from us.
  • Your service may be disconnected if you do not pay your bill by the due date, and we may require you to pay all past due charges, a reconnect fee and a minimum of one month's advance charges before we reconnect your service. We are not required to give you any notice prior to disconnecting your service for failure to pay. Furthermore, if you do not reconnect, any rental equipment must be returned to us. A handling fee may be charged for returned checks.
  • We urge that you call our cable office at the phone number printed on your bill any time you have questions or concerns about your service.
  • Direct comments to:

    Cable Television Branch
    Network and Telecommunications Services
    109 East Stadium
    Kansas State University
    Manhattan, KS 66506
    785-532-5921 voice
    785-532-7114 fax

Equipment compatibility

To our customers: The K-State "Wildcat Cable" system is considered a "Standard" cable system under FCC rules. We will utilize the standard cable frequencies to provide programming to our customers. The following are things you should know about how your TV and VCR work when connected to the campus cable system.

  • "Cable Ready" and "Cable Compatible Equipment"

    One of the reasons you may subscribe to our cable system is we offer many more channels of programming, in addition to what you may be able to receive off the air. Some of you may have TV receivers or VCRs that can tune in to all channels we provide. Others may have older sets that are unable to tune in to all channels available over the cable system.

    Even if you have an older TV or VCR that was advertised as being "cable ready" or "cable compatible," the equipment may not perform as you expected when connected directly to cable. This is because there previously were no standards applicable to TV set manufacturers governing the reception of cable channels. According to new federal regulations, TVs and VCRs sold in the United States as of July 1997 cannot be called "cable ready" or "cable compatible" unless they comply with new technical requirements adopted by the FCC, including the ability to properly tune in to cable channels.

    To solve this problem converters are available through Wildcat Cable System for a monthly fee. The set-top converter will "convert" the cable channels to a designated channel on your TV. Please understand that the process of converting all of our channels to such a channel means that you can receive only one channel on your TV set at a time through the converter. This means there may be certain features of your TV or VCR that depend on channel tuning of these devices that you will not be able to use. For example, taping one program while watching another, recording two or more consecutive programs appearing on different channels, and the use of picture-in-picture may not be possible without additional equipment. Please contact us regarding your needs, and we will be happy to discuss alternatives with you and give you a schedule of charges. In addition, you may purchase bypass switches and additional converters at retail outlets.

  • Availability of Converters for Additional Outlets

    Subscribers who install their own cable or additional receiver connections may not be able to receive all broadcast stations carried on the cable system without additional equipment. For those television sets that are not truly compatible with the cable system, television broadcast stations located above Channel 13 may not be receivable without additional equipment.

    The equipment necessary to receive all broadcast stations carried on the cable system is for (lease) and/or (sale) from this cable system and may be available from retail stores within your community. Instructions for installation of this equipment are also available upon request. Please contact Wildcat Cable System for complete details.

    If you need a converter box Wildcat Cable Television will provide such a device for a monthly charge. It is also possible that you can use your VCR as a TV tuner. Finally, if you choose, you may also buy a converter control device capable of working with our system at a retail outlet, including many appliance or electronic stores.

Other important information

The customer will have the option of having the cable system install the cable in the home or customer may choose to do it themselves. The cable system will provide an installation kit which will allow the subscriber to hook up their set to the cable system. If the customer chooses to have the cable system do the installation an installation fee may apply. This option is only available to premiered residential units. The cable system will provide installation service to all academic buildings and university departments. Other services not listed in this kit will be charged at the Hourly Service Charge. Please refer to the terms and conditions of documents reflecting such separate arrangements. Please call us for more information.

Call the Wildcat cable system for complete details about services and prices. You must subscribe to Power Cat Service to receive optional services such as Premium Services. Additional franchise fees, regulatory fees, taxes and other fees may apply. Pricing, programming, channel location and packaging may change. Prices do not include franchise fees or taxes except where noted. All prices subject to change.

Currently, and to the extent required by law, after notice to you of a retiring of our services or rate increase, you may obtain changes of the service tiers at no additional charge. Otherwise, changes by you of the services you receive will be subject to the upgrade and downgrade charges listed above.

Subscriber Privacy Notice

While this cable system is not considered a "Public Cable System" under federal law. This system will agree voluntarily to abide with the provisions of Section 631 of the Cable Communications Policy Act of 1984, as amended.

As a subscriber to cable or other service, you are entitled to know the limitations imposed upon operators in the use, collection and disclosure of personally identifiable subscriber information. The Wildcat Cable system will abide by K-State policies and procedures, as published, concerning the collection and disclosure of personally identifiable subscriber information.

  • Retention

    The Cable Act requires us to inform you concerning the period during which we will retain information. We destroy customer information that is no longer necessary for the purpose for which it is collected unless there is a legitimate request or order to inspect the information still outstanding. K-State policies on record retention will apply.

  • Disclosure by court order

    The Cable Act also provides that the government may obtain disclosure of personally identifiable information by court order, if it offers evidence that such records are material to criminal activity and if you are given the opportunity to appear and contest the evidence.

  • Customer rights

    As described above, the Cable Act and K-State policies establish your rights as a customer and the limits upon the cable operator with respect to the collection and disclosure of customer information. You have the right to inspect our records that contain information about you and to correct any error in our information. If you wish to inspect the records at our system office pertaining to you, please contact us at the system business office between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, holidays and lunch hour are excluded, to set up an appointment. The name, address and phone number of this Cable System continues to be identified on the face of your monthly bill. Any changes to such information will be noted on your future bills.