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Kansas State University

Wildcat Cable TV

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Wildcat Cable TV is available at a low cost to all residents of the K-State Residence Halls and Jardine Apartments. Sign up today and take advantage of:

  • Power Cat Service with over 80 local, national, international and sports channels
  • 28 possible channels offered in HD (High Definition)

  • Cable TV will be activated within 24 business hours after sign up.

    Wildcat Cable Information

    To receive cable TV, your TV must be set to the cable (CATV) setting in the channel setup menu. To receive digital cable your TV must have a QAM digital tuner. (Check your owners manual).

    You MUST also perform an auto channel scan/auto program to receive the cable channels. This is a one time only setup unless power is lost. See the Channel listing for all available Channels.