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International Student and Scholar Services

Sponsored Students

Students who are sponsored by the following sponsors are receiving health insurance coverage from their sponsor and do not need to buy KSU's health insurance. If you have an active Financial Guarantee on file, your health insurance will be waived.

If your sponsor is not listed below, you MUST fill out the health insurance waiver form EACH semester. 


If your Financial Guarantee expires or will expire before this semester ends, you will be responsible to pay for KSU's health insurance for international students.)


*CBIE Canadian Bureau of International Education

*Embassy of Kuwait, Cultural Mission

* Royal Thai Embassy


* SACM - Saudi Arabia Cultural Mission


For futher information, please contact:

Wendy Matthews, MS
Senior Coordinator
Special Programs, Sponsored Students
KSU Office of International Programs
304 Fairchild Hall
Manhattan, KS  66506