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International Student and Scholar Services

International Speakers Bureau

The purpose of the Speakers Bureau program is to benefit and educate the local community on issues related to international culture and experiences abroad. This is accomplished through student presentations given to local community organizations, area schools, classrooms on campus, or through programs given at the International Student Center. These presentations may include lectures, multi-media programs, panel discussions, demonstrations and/or performances that are given by students enrolled at Kansas State.

Educating others about your culture or sharing your international experiences helps to build and promote an understanding of the world beyond our borders. The rewards of educating and influencing others are immeasurable and conducting these presentations will give you the opportunity to increase your professional development, gain valuable public speaking experience, and they are also a great way to improve your conversational English skills.

Want to Request a Speaker?

If you are interested in requesting a student presentation, you can complete the Speaker Request Form  online.  Once submitted, you should receive a confirmation email within 48 business hours.  Then, we will do our best to match a speaker with the request.  We ask that you please submit requests at least 2 weeks in advance of the presentation date in order to allow time for us to find a student presenter.

Please contact International Student and Scholar Services at (785) 532-6448 or by email at isss@ksu.edu if you have questions about the Speakers Bureau program, about becoming a presenter or about requesting a presentation.

Are you a student who would like to GIVE a presentation?

Students who are interested in being a part of the International Speakers Bureau can complete a Speakers Bureau Participant Application online. Once submitted, you should receive a confirmation email within 3 to 5 days with more details about the program.  Then, throughout the semester we will contact participants as we receive requests that match up with your experiences.

Who can participate?

  • International Students
  • Returning Peace Corps volunteers
  • Returning international service team volunteers
  • Former study abroad students
  • Anyone with an international experience they would like to share

Benefits for students who participate in International Speakers Bureau Program:

  • Build and promote an understanding of the world beyond our borders
  • Increase your professional development
  • Enhance public speaking/presentation skills
  • Develop leadership skills, self-confidence and personal growth
  • Resume builder (volunteer activities show initiative when applying for future jobs)
  • Receive recognition from International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS), which includes:

          **A certificate of participation and you will be invited to a recognition reception provided by ISSS at the end of each semester.

          **One coupon redeemable at a coffee shop on campus per presentation that is completed and approved by ISSS.

Request a speaker

Application to become a speaker


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