Student Organizations

International Coordinating Council
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506 


YichaoYichao Zhang - President
Major/Degree: Chemical Engineering/Sophomore
Home Country: China
Something Unique About me: I was the director and main actress in a play.
Why did you join ICC?: I feel that this is another "home" for all international students.
What Do You Love about K-State?: The people! I love how nice and welcoming people are at K-State. 


Benita Mugabo - Vice President
Major/Degree: Management Information Systems/Junior
Home Country: Rwanda
Something Unique about Yourself: I speak four languages and understand 6.
Why did you join ICC?: I joined ICC because I really wanted to work with other organizations on campus to spread the diversity that exists on the K-State campus as well as to be able to interact with so many of the international and domestic students on campus.
What Do You Love about K-State?: I love that K-State is a very diversified community and that even if I am very far away from home, I still feel at home in Manhattan. The K-State family is a very loving and wonderful one and I am very grateful to be a part of it.


Zach Bomberger - Treasurer
Major/Degree: Sophomore in Secondary Education with an Emphasis in Mandarin Chinese and Spanish with a Secondary Major in International Studies and a Minor in Non-Profit Leadership
Home Country: USA
Something Unique About me: Why did you join ICC?: I joined ICC because I have a passion for the international community and I want to make a difference in people's lives through my actions. I realized my freshman year that with me having lots of international friends that I wanted to do what I could to make things better for them and make KSU feel like a home-away-from-home. I am ready to make this coming year the best ever.
What Do You Love about K-State?: I love K-State because of all the diversity that can be found here. I always joke around saying that I have more international friends than American, but sometimes I think it could be true in some cases. Just in my resident hall this year, I meet people from almost every area of the world, some as close as here and as far as Vietnam. This and many other experiences just make me fall in love with K-State even more and make me proud in being called a Wildcat.


Eleanor Grace Dickens - Secretary
Major/Degree: Political Science, Anthropology, International Studies Minor: World languages
Home Country: USA
Something Unique About me: My favorite animals are otters
Why did you join ICC?: Because I love learning about people from different backgrounds and culturesWhat Do You Love about K-State?: The leaves and trees in the fall


Luzhi Deng - Webmaster
Major/Degree: Marketing and Advertising/Senior
Home Country: China


Ji Hua - Event Coordinator
Major/Degree: Finance/Sophomore
Home Country: China
Something About me: The patient for making the best judgement and precise problem-solving skill.
Why Did You Join ICC: I joined ICC because I think it is important to work and associate internationally.
What Do You Love About K-State:People at K-State are nice, amiable, and interesting.