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International and Area Studies

International and Area Studies

Robert Clark, Director
College of Arts and Sciences
Kansas State University
c/o Department of Modern Languages
14A Eisenhower Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506


Secondary Major in International Studies

The international studies program promotes understanding of the international community through its commitment to interdisciplinary study. The program provides students not only a field of academic study, but also a useful background for various careers.

The international studies program encourages a substantial distribution of foreign and international course work under the direct guidance of an interdisciplinary faculty committee. Students who complete the secondary major in international studies are expected to include the following within their areas of knowledge or competence:

  • Reading and speaking capability in a foreign language
  • Basic geographic knowledge of the world
  • Ability to understand and analyze cultures other than their own
  • Some understanding of developmental processes
  • An integration of their program of study into a meaningful and coherent whole

At its core, the program will focus on two essential learning objectives: (1) intermediate level proficiency in a national language other than English, and (2) the successful completion of a research project that gives evidence of an understanding of basic concepts or issues, critical thinking skills, the clear articulation of ideas, an appreciation of cultural diversity, and the demonstration of academic integrity through appropriate documentation. For more information about the annual assessment of the program and its student learning outcomes, see Assessment Summary: INT (2008-09) and the INT Student Learning Outcomes Alignment Matrix.

Course Requirements

  • World Regional Geography (GEOG 100)
  • Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (ANTH 200, 201 or 204)
  • One International Relations Course (marked with an § on the Approved Course List).
  • Four Electives from at least three different disciplines. Note: Students may soon choose a special focus or emphasis on a particular world region or topical theme (provided that special interest faculty and courses are approved for this purpose).
  • Senior Research in International Studies (DAS 425): Currently an independent studies project under the tutelage of an instructor in the subject field and under the general direction of the program director. Guidelines for DAS 425
  • Foreign Language Requirement: Four college semesters or the equivalent.