My Oriental Album
shanghai, china
U.S.S. Pope - 27 knots
Avenue Edgar VII
Nationalist soldier
Chinese infantry
Nanking Road - the Bund
Nanking Road
On guard
Whangpoo River
Chapei - on fire
9th Div. Japanese troop - Woosung
Theatre set afire
Range Road
Advancing - note two snipers
Japanese armored car
Station bombed by Japs
Spotting sniper’s nest
Chinese troops getting supplies
Chapei - Shanghai
“Windy Corner” - “Charlie Chans” nest
Chinese soldier - Chapei
Chapei - Shanghai
Chinese soldier in a shell hole
Chapei after the fight, Shanghai
Chinese girl - Chapei 
face eaten by rats
Killed on retreat
$1,400,000.00 destroyed by Japanese
Chapei - Shanghai
Jap cruiser
Jap destroyer
Dollar boat
Jap can
Jap can at anchor
Jap can - tanker
Jap cruiser
Nanking and Tibet Roads
River scene
The Bund and skyline of Shanghai
Nanking Road
Native business section
Man of War Row
Whangpoo River
Foreign Y.M.C.A. and race course in foreground
Strolling along
Drawing water
Large bank building
Ricsha coolies resting
Largest department store
A human horse on the daily run about
Chinese barber
Earning his chow-chow
H.M.S. Suffolk
H.I.J.M.S. Tokiwa
Pres. Taft
M.S. Georges Phillippar burned at sea and sunk May 20, 1932. 81 lifes lost
Sampans - ferry boats
The Bund
Man of War Row
H.M.S. Kent - Waldeck Rousseau
Police escort
Just a fill in but a Chinese hearst
Crowd at Thibet R’d and Nanking
Flower cars
The hearst
Destroyers in formation
Chefoo Landing
Destroyer forecastle and range finder
Boat deck
U.S.S. Black Hawk
U.S.S. Houston
U.S.S. Black Hawk band