My Oriental Album
Peking, china
Laughing lion
guardian of the gate
summer palace
New Bhudda
Lama Temple
Guard to entrance
Bhudda’s in Temple of 10,000 Bhuddas
Bronze cow
Entrance to the summer palace
Fort five miles from palace said to be 900 years old
Bhudda house
Monuments - Ming’s Tombs
Temple of Clouds
Ming’s Tombs
Si at sun dial
Archway - winter palace
Stone elephant
Ming’s Tombs
Rest rooms
summer palace
Stairway to pagoda
Camel Back Bridge
summer palace
Moat about Forbidden City
Ming’s Tomb Road
Archway in front of palace
China Cruise 461
Grand opening of store
China Cruise 463
Court yard
Close up of dragon screen, winter garden
Dragon screen
Covered walk
summer palace
Marine legation
17 Arch Bridge
Canal Bridge
Marble Boat
Artificial lake
Forbidden City
Throne room
Temple of Heaven