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Kansas State University

List of Lab Manuals
Wheat Insect Genetics Lab / PSERU / USDA-ARS, 2002

1. BL21-Gold Competent Cells etc (STRATAGENE:
2. DNA Ligation Kit (STRATAGENE:
3. Prime-It II Random Primer Labeling Kit (STRATAGENE:
4. Push Column Beta Shield Device and Nuctrap Prob Purification Columns (
5. QuikHyb Hybridization Solution (STRATAGENE:
7. PCR T7 TOPO TA Expression Kits (INVITROGEN:
8. ProBond Purification System (INVITROGEN:
9. Geneclean Turbo for PCR (Qbiogene:
10. PCR-Select Differential Screening User Manual (Clontech:
11. Quick-Clone cDNA User Manual (Clontech:
12. 12. QIAquick Spin Handbook (QIAGEN:
13. SMART cDNA Library Construction Kit (Clontech:
14. TRI Reagent for RNA Isolation (Molecular Research Center:
15. ECL Plus Western Blotting Detection Reagents (Amersham Pharmacia Biotech UK Limited:
16. Hybond-P: PVDF Membrane, optimized for protein transfer  (Amersham Pharmacia Biotech UK Limited:


Note: All these manuals belong to the USDA Wheat Insect Genetics Lab, and are for the public use within this Lab. Please do NOT take this folder or any manual out of the lab without Dr. Ming Chen’s permit.  If anyone needs a copy for personal use, please go to the web site as listed to print out that manual.