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Workers’ Compensation Insurance

If, at any time, an employee of Kansas State University is injured at work or due to employment they are required to report the incident to their supervisor. At that point the employee's supervisor or HCS Liaison should work with the employee to complete an Accident Report (1101-A). All employee accidents are to be reported to Human Capital Services within three working days of the incident by emailing the accident report to benefits@ksu.edu. Workers' Compensation insurance is provided through the State Self-Insurance Fund.

If an individual needs emergency medical treatment, call 911 or take action to seek the emergency treatment at the nearest emergency facility.

To request non-emergency medical treatment the HCS Liaison or Supervisor may call the SSIF at (785)296-2364. In some cases, the SSIF may not be able to authorize medical treatment until the accident report is submitted by Human Capital Services.

An individual should never be discouraged from seeking medical treatment if they feel it is necessary, however, if an employee self‐selects a doctor and does not have prior authorization for treatment from SSIF, the SSIF will only be responsible for the first $500 in unauthorized medical bills from the self‐selected physician once the injury has been found compensable.

When Eligible: Employee is eligible the first day of employment.

Who Pays: The university pays the cost for this plan.

Further information:  State Self-Insurance Fund and Frequently Asked Questions (pdf)