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Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies Department

Queer Studies Minor

The goals of the Queer Studies minor are to 1) promote understanding of queer identities and queer theoretical lenses; and 2) help recognize and expand the conditions that promote social justice. The minor therefore interrogates how personal experience and identity formations emerge through complex intersections of race, gender, sexuality, ability, nation, and institutional power structures. Inherently interdisciplinary, Queer Studies is a practice, a way of being and thinking, rather than a discrete body of knowledge. As such, the Queer Studies minor offers community for those who wish to better understand how technologies of sexuality infuse every aspect of daily life and/or for those who wish to generate new knowledges or innovative meaning-making practices.


The 15 credit-hour requirements for the Queer Studies minor are:

1 required core course: WOMST 325 Queer Studies: Concepts, History, Politics

4 additional courses selected from among the list of approved electives. A current list of these electives can be found in the undergraduate catalog


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