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Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies Department

How to Apply if You Have Earned an Undergraduate Degree from a School Other Than KSU

If you have already completed an undergraduate degree from another school, to apply for the KSU Graduate Certificate in Women's Studies:

1. Complete the online application through the KSU Graduate School.

        US Citizens & Permanent Resident Application

        International Applicants

Select "Graduate Certificate" when you are asked what type of degree you are seeking, and select "Women's Studies" from the pull-down menu to answer "What do you plan to major in at K-State?"

For references, note that one of your three letters of recommendation needs to be from your major professor for your graduate degree.

 Send an official undergraduate transcript to the Graduate School.

Note: Achievement tests scores are not needed.

Note: There is no fee for applying to a graduate certificate program.

Admission is on an ongoing, rolling basis and we encourage applications throughout the academic year.

If you have any questions, please contact either:

Women's Studies Graduate Certificate Program Coordinator
Phone: 785-532-5738
Email: womst@ksu.edu


KSU Graduate School
Voice: 785-532-6191 or 800-651-1816
Fax: 785-532-2983