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Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies Department

Dr. Angela Hubler

BA 1985, College of Wooster; MA 1986, PhD 1992, Duke University. Research interests: Marxism and Feminism, Children's Literature; and Girls' Studies.

Select Publications

Ed. Little Red Readings: Historical Materialist Perspectives on Children’s Literature.  University of Mississippi Press.  June 2014

“Lois Lowry’s and Suzanne Collins’ Dystopian Fiction: Utopia and Anti-Utopia.” Against the Current 171 (July/August 2104) 23-27.

Rev. of Politics and Ideology in Children’s Literature, edited byThérèse Keyes and Áine McGillicuddy. Forthcoming in Children’s Literature  (2015).



GWSS 300 World Literature & Culture by Women

GWSS 450 Stories of a Young Girl

GWSS 610 Seminar in Women's Studies

GWSS 700 Women and Politics of Class

Angela Hubler

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Office: 3D Leasure Hall

Phone: (785) 532-5739

E-mail: ahubler@ksu.edu

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Mon 11:30 to 12:30pm

Tue 1pm to 3pm

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