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Graduate student campus tours

Thinking you will be a graduate student at K-State in the future? In order for you to get a feel of the K-State culture and understand why K-State is a good fit for you, you should spend time exploring K-State! 

Meet with current graduate students to learn more about how the K-State campus will meet your academic and personal needs.

We provide year-round walking tours, led by graduate students and tailored for graduate students. The walking tour of K-State campus highlights areas of interest to graduate students. One of our Graduate Student Ambassadors will guide you through campus and explain what is unique about K-State. Ambassadors will answer questions that you may have along the way. 

Walking graduate students

Schedule a campus tour

We think it is important for prospective graduate students to visit campus to start their graduate studies off on the right foot.  

Campus tours for prospective graduate students are offered Monday through Friday.  Tours can last anywhere from 40-60 minutes, depending on how much you want to know and see! For you to have the best experience at K-State, we ask that you give us 10-14 days notice of your visit.

Please email Kelsey Peterson kp4048@ksu.edu if you have any questions about the campus tour request.


April 2017
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May 2017
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8 Tours Available9 Tours Available10 Tours Available11 Tours Available12 No Tours Available
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June 2017
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