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Governmental Relations

Wildcat Caucus

As of January 12, 2015, we will have 25 Senators and Representatives serving the State of Kansas who are K-State Alumni.  We are proud of our Wildcat Caucus!

 Current State Senators
 Senator Steve Abrams, 1971, 1977Email
 Senator Tom Hawk, 1968, 1970, 1983Email
 Senator Anthony Hensley, 1988Email
 Senator Dan Kerschen, 1974Email
 Senator Forrest Knox, 1978Email
 Senator Caryn Tyson, 1987Email
 Senator Rick Wilborn, 1968Email
 Current State Representatives
 Representative Barbara Ballard, 1976, 1980Email
 Representative Sydney Carlin, 2000Email
 Representative J.R. Claeys, 2001Email
 Representative John Edmonds, 1975Email
 Representative John Ewy, 1980Email
 Representative Shannon Francis, 1982Email
 Representative Dennis Hedke, 1976Email
 Representative Ron Highland, 1973, 1975, 1985Email
 Representative Brett Hildabrand, 2004Email
 Representative Kyle Hoffman, 1994Email
 Representative Mark Hutton, 1977Email
 Representative Steven Johnson, 1988Email
 Representative Tom Moxley, 1969Email
 Representative Greg Lewis, 1977Email
 Representative Tom Phillips, 1980, 1983Email
 Representative Richard Proehl, 1967, 1972Email
 Representative Marty Read, 1971Email
 Representative Marc Rhoades, 1983Email