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Governmental Relations

State Relations Committee

The State Relations Committee meets weekly during the Kansas Legislative Session.  The purpose of the committee is to inform the campus community of relevant legislative issues and all legislation affecting higher education, the university, its faculty, staff and/or students. 

Dean of the College of Veterinary MedicineDr. Tammy Beckham
Vice President for Administration & FinanceCindy Bontrager
Assistant VP of Communications, K-State Alumni AssociationLinda Cook
Interim Vice President for ResearchDr. Peter Dorhout
Graduate Student CouncilSam Emerson
University Budget DirectorEthan Erickson
CEO, K-State SalinaDr. Verna Fitzsimmons
Dean of the College of AgricultureDr. John Floros
SGA State Relations DirectorBrodie Herrman
Student Body PresidentAndy Hurtig
Past University Support Staff PresidentKerry Jennings
Provost and Senior Vice PresidentDr. April Mason
University Support Staff Vice President Carol Marden
Vice President for Communications & MarketingJeff Morris
SGA Governmental Relations ChairJonathan Peuchen
Past Faculty Senate PresidentDr. Dave Rintoul 
Governmental Relations Staff 
Director of Governmental Relations 
State Relations Committee Chair
Dr. Sue Peterson
Assistant to the DirectorKristin Holt
Legislative AssistantAsher Gilliland