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Title:  Professor Emeritus

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Selected Publications:


·         Blake, Kevin. 2016.  The Geography of The Border Legion.  Zane Grey Explorer 1(4): 18-21.

·         Blake, Kevin. 2016. How to Read the American West: A Field Guide by William Wyckoff.  The AAG Review of Books 4(1): 1-3.

·         Blake, Kevin. 2015. The Geography of The Lone Star Ranger. Zane Grey Review 30(4): 8-11.

·         Blake, Kevin. 2015. The Geography of The Rainbow Trail. Zane Grey Review 30(2): 16-17, 20-21.

·         Blake, Kevin. 2014. The Geography of The Light of Western Stars. Zane Grey Review 29(3/4): 10-11, 20-21.

·         Blake, Kevin. 2014. Making Mythic Landscapes. In North American Odyssey: Historical Geographies for the Twenty-first Century, edited by Craig E. Colten and Geoffrey L. Buckley, 251-271. Lanham (MD): Rowman & Littlefield. 

·         Blake, Kevin. 2013. The Geography of Zane Grey's Western UnionZane Grey Review 28(1): 22-23, 36-37. 

·         Blake, Kevin. Contributing Editor. 2013 [2010; 2006]. Home Ground: Language for an American Landscape, edited by Barry Lopez and Debra Gwartney. San Antonio: Trinity University Press. 

·         Blake, Kevin.  2008.  Imagining Heaven and Earth at Mount of the Holy Cross, Colorado Journal of Cultural Geography 25(1):1-30.

·         Blake, Kevin. 2007. Lighthouse Symbolism in the American Landscape.  FOCUS on Geography 50(1):9-15.

·         Blake, Kevin S. 2006. First View.  Trail & Timberline 993:10-12.

·         Blake, Kevin S. 2004. Great Plains Native American Representations along the Lewis and Clark Trail.  Great Plains Quarterly 24(4):263-282.

·         Blake, Kevin S. 2002. Colorado Fourteeners and the Nature of Place Identity.  Geographical Review 92(2):155-179.

·         Blake, Kevin S. 2001. In Search of a Navajo Sacred Geography.  Geographical Review 91(4):715-724.

·         Blake, Kevin S. 2001. Contested Landscapes of Navajo Sacred Mountains.  The North American Geographer 3(1):29-62.

·         Blake, Kevin S. and Jeffrey S. Smith. 2000. Pueblo Mission Churches as Symbols of Permanence and Identity. Geographical Review 90(3): 359-380.

·         Blake, Kevin S. 1999. Peaks of Identity in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains. Journal of Cultural Geography 18(2): 29-55.

·         Blake, Kevin. 1999. Sacred and Secular Landscape Symbolism at Mount Taylor, New Mexico.  Journal of the Southwest 41(4):487-509.

·         Blake, Kevin S. and Daniel D. Arreola.  Residential Subdivision Identity in Metropolitan Phoenix.  Landscape Journal 15(1):23-35.

·         Blake, Kevin S. 1995. Zane Grey and Images of the American West. Geographical Review   85(2): 202-216.

·         Blake, Kevin S. 1994. "Where Eternal Mountains Kneel at Sunset's Gate." Pacifica 1:6-10.

Selected Honors and Awards:

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