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The Gardens

Gardens hours

Dawn to dusk
Sunday through Saturday
March through November

Quinlan Visitor Center

10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Monday through Friday
March through November


The Conservatory is currently closed for renovations.


Free admission
Free parking

Kansas State University Gardens
Department of Horticulture and Natural Resources
2021 Throckmorton Ctr
1712 Claflin Road
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506

785-532-6949 fax

1500 Denison Ave.
Manhattan, KS 66506


The Gardens are a part of the Department of Horticulture and Natural Resources in the College of Agriculture at Kansas State University.

The Gardens provide hands-on learning to students in the horticulture program, as well as students in several other disciplines across campus.

Community programs

The Friends of The Gardens sponsor many community educational programs, including:

Educational programs 

Additional educational programs include:

As The Gardens grow, there will be more opportunities to provide educational programs. Programs specifically designed with children in mind, along with programs designed for the community, are among many that are on the list.

Resources for The Gardens Collection plants -

The four K-State Gardens Collections consist of irises, daylilies, roses, and peonies. The following are a few internet sites for information on these plants.

  • The Flint Hills Iris Society - This site has information on growing irises, types of bearded irises and contact information if you have questions.
  • American Hemerocallis Society (AHS)  -  This site answers frequently asked questions about daylilies.  Also, the home page of the AHS has additional information about the organization.
  • The Old Farmer's Almanac - Planting Roses etc.(https://www.almanac.com/plant/roses)  - Good basic information on growing roses.
  • The Old Farmer's Almanac - How to plant, grow, and care for peony flowers - (https://www.almanac.com/plant/peonies)  Good basic information on peonies.