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Kansas State University has two basic types of classrooms: centrally scheduled classrooms and department scheduled classrooms. The centrally scheduled classrooms can be scheduled by filling out a room request form and submitting it to Room Scheduling. Contact the university's Room Scheduling specialist at 785-532-1712 or rooms@ksu.edu. To reserve a department scheduled classroom, contact the department's scheduler.

General Use Classrooms

The university has 158 centrally scheduled Classrooms. These rooms are primarily used for teaching. They are also available for other uses by students, faculty and staff. To assist the campus community, the Classrooms are organized on a printable PDF form. This document is updated when changes are made to the university's Classrooms. Virtual tours, room specifications and technology present in the rooms are also available.

Classroom List

Classroom Renovations - All renovations of centrally scheduled or general use classrooms must be submitted to the Classroom Committee for review and approval. Renovation requests can be sent to hlmills@ksu.edu.

Specialized Classrooms & Labs

These teaching spaces require specialized software or equipment for their curriculum and are typically utilized by a specific department. A list of rooms is available upon request.