National History

In 1912 at Howard University, twenty-two unergraduate members of the first African-American sorority, Alpha kappa Alpha (AKA), voted to change the organization's name to Delta Sigma Theta. This new name was to reflect the group's growing dissatisfaction with their current organization and change in the philospphical underpinnings. The collegiate students sought to move towards social activism and greater public service, rather than social activities.

The undergraduate members wanted to establish a national organization, enlarge the scope of activities of the sorority, change the sorority's name and symbols, and be more politically oriented. However, conflict arose between one alumnae member who wished to keep the previous name and the remaining collegiate members who voted to change the name to Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. When the other alumnae members heard about changing the sorority name, they disagreed and gave the 22 women a deadline to stop the efforts to reorganize the sorority. However, the twenty-two declined and bravely and unanimously voted to reorganize. Thus, twenty-two dynamic, trend-setting women founded Delta Sigma Theta Sorority on January 13, 1913.

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Regional Information

The Charismatic and Courageous Central Region was established in 1932. The first Central Regional Conference was held May 14, 1932 with the National First Vice President Naomi Cherot presiding.

The "Charismatic and Courageous" name was coined during a leadership retreat under the administration of Gayona L. Washington. The C3 logo was created for the first website in 2002, but it has also become a symbol to represent the Central Region.

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Alumnae Chapter Information

Geary, Riley, Saline- Information to come!

President: Christina Love