Eta Gamma 2011-2012 Calendar of Events

With the rise of another school year, the ladies of Delta Sigma Theta have been working relentlessly to impact the Manhattan community. Deeply rooted in community service and the burning desire to help others we have decided to bring the Delta Academy to the Kansas community. Under our educational programmatic thrust this program is meant to reach out and mentor young women of the 21st century. In order to improve our futures we have to change our present and this program embodies that ideal. We help girls ranging from 11- 14 with homework, personal enrichment, and leadership development skills. We have reached out to a lot of young women and we are not done yet, we want to continue being examples for young women while preparing these same women for the day when they will carry the torch.

Among the placement of the Delta Academy in Kansas we also have other things on the Fall 2011 agenda. We have decided to have a Move-In help session for the new students at k-state. We believe this is a prefect opportunity to help women on campus get adjusted while getting a glimpse of what it is we do in Delta Sigma Theta. With this chance they may be able ask some unanswered questions and get more acquainted with us as individuals and sorority members. We want to encourage these women and make their transition smooth.

Our final event of the year will be preparing for our 40th anniversary at k-state. Eta Gamma was formed at k-state on January 17, 1970 by 11 dedicated college women. Their dynamic pursuits resulted in our existence at k-state and it is with all of our dedication that we are here today so as form of celebration we are having a reunion. On April 23 until the 25 we hosted this event for the women that made this all possible. There will be a series of events held such as a luncheon, dinner, and show our appreciation day. It is our goal to reconnect with sorors and tighten those everlasting bonds. The women of Eta Gamma have much in store for the upcoming school year but with these small steps we will achieve our goal in making Delta Sigma Theta great.


  • Aug. 21-22: Freshmen Move In
  • Residences Halls
  • Aug. 29: BSU Welcome Back BBQ
  • Quinlynn Park


  • Sept. 9: FreshWomen Workshop
  • Sunflower Room
  • Community Service and Fundraising Opportunities


  • Sober in October month of events
  • Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of October: Sober Pledge Table
  • October 13: Sobriety Obstacle Course
  • October 18: Remeberance Walk Vigil


  • Nov. 9: "Dress like a lady, Think like a D.I.V.A."
  • - Etiquette Workshop
  • Community Service and Fundraising Opportunities


  • Delta Toy Drive
  • December 8: Tis the Season: Late Night Breakfast


  • Jan. 13: Founder's Day*
  • Jan. 17: Eta Gamma Charter Day*
  • Jan. 22-28: Crimson and Cream Week! Week of Events
  • Jan. 28: Party Date


  • February 17: DSTinguished Gents Awards Gala
  • Community Service and Fundraising Opportunities


  • Community Service and Fundraising Opportunities


  • Nov 12, 2011
  • Mar 3, 2012
  • Mar 17, 2012


  • April 30 - May 4: May Week! Week of Events

Those events with an asterisk(*) indicate chapter functions, and are not open to the public.

Calendar will be updated monthly.
Dates are subject to change