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Human Systems Consulting

Dr. Rusty Andrews

(785) 539-5455 

Human Systems Consulting is available to all faculty and staff of Kansas State University at no cost to the person or persons receiving services. The service is designed to help resolve problems with workplace relationship issues and can focus on communication, relationship style, stress management, attitude, and other related issues. Individuals may contact Dr. Andrews for a consultation directly at 785-539-5455 or services may be provided to small groups within a work setting. Here are a couple of examples of when Human Systems Consulting services would be appropriate:

  • A department head is having trouble relating positively to a faculty member. It seems their communication always ends up frozen without either person feeling like they were understood. The department head might call for a consultation simply to talk about how she or he might better work in this situation or might ask for a consultation that would include both people. In the latter case, Dr. Andrews might meet once or twice with each person individually, then schedule a session or sessions to meet together as a small group. The goal would be to resolve the relationship difficulties so both people could be more comfortable and productive in the workplace. 

  • A work unit (perhaps a department or program faculty group) is under a lot of stress from budget cuts and the mounting tensions are expressed in various individuals' angry or offensive outbursts. One of the members of the unit suggests having someone from the outside come in to help resolve the difficulties the group is having. Dr. Andrews could meet with the unit together to allow a safe place to explore the source of the tension and make a plan for dealing with the issues that underlie the expression of tension.

In all cases, the goal of the consultation is to help people work better together and avoid more serious problems developing. This service does not preclude any faculty member or administrator from pursuing other avenues of resolution, such as mediation, access to ombudspersons, or other options. For more information on all the options available to K-State faculty and unclassified staff, contact on-campus resources such as Affirmative Action, Human Resources, or the Provost's Office.Human Systems Consulting is not designed to substitute for psychotherapy or to deal with personal problems not related to the workplace. For help with these issues, access K-State's Employee Assistance Program.

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