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Conflict of Interest

Conflict of Interest
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Case Scenarios-Case 1

Professor Quinn is a scientist working in the field of chemical safety. His lab conducts basic and applied sciences and attracts a steady stream of extramural funds. In addition to research, his lab also conducts contract testing for private firms and government organizations. Professor Quinn uses his University benefit of consulting to work with chemical companies on a variety of chemical safety issues. The Xenon Company has recently contracted Professor Quinn for 10 days of consulting time for 2006. The company also has contract testing performed by Professor Quinn's laboratory.

What information would you need to determine whether the consulting relationship Professor Quinn has contracted with Xenon could present a real or perceived conflict of interest?


What to consider: Case 1 

Is Dr. Quinn involved in other consulting activities? Does his consulting time exceed the expected 2 day per month limit?

Is Dr. Quinn using university resources?

Are graduate students involved in the testing?

Does Dr. Quinn or a member of his household hold any ownership in the Xenon Company?

How does the professor's research program at the university relate to the activities of the company? Are they totally separate?How closely are they related?

What is Professor Quinn's expected time commitment? In general, faculty should not be conducting day-to-day management of company activities. If it is necessary for faculty to do this for a limited period of time, explain how the conflict of time commitment will be handled -faculty leave, rigid time management, etc.