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Comparative Medicine Group

Contacting CMG

For problems during regular work hours (Mon. – Fri. 8am to 4:00pm)

General questions concerning the CMG can be addressed by calling the main office at (785) 532-5640 or by email at:  cmg@vet.k-state.edu

Animal Husbandry issues:

Contact the Animal Facility Manager or Area Supervisor where any animal care or animal technical services are needed.

Animal Facility Manager
VACANT, 103 Coles Hall, (office) (785) 532-5647
(cell) (785) 410-XXXX

Supervisor for Large Animal Research Center (LARC)
Scott Ruthstrom, (office) (785) 532-6856
(cell) (785) 565-1423

Animal Health issues

Contact the CMG Clinical Veterinarian or CMG Director

CMG Clinical Veterinarian
Sally Olson, DVM, 532-4496, (cell) 785-410-7513

The telephone and pager numbers of the Animal Facility Manager and Clinical Veterinarian are prominently posted in each facility.

For problems after normal work hours and on weekends

Animal Husbandry issues:
Contact the Animal Facility Manager
(C) (785) 410-XXXX

Animal Health issues:
Contact the veterinarian on call
Sally Olson (H) 785-468-0111
(C) 785-410-7513

Veterinarian on-call schedules and emergency contact numbers are prominently posted in each animal facility.