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Animal Facility User's Manual

This guide provides information to investigators and their staff regarding the humane care and use of animals involved in research at Kansas State University. The Comparative Medicine Group (CMG) provides daily animal care for the College of veterinary Medicine and veterinary oversight for the majority of animal facilities on the Kansas State University campus. Animal facilities with the ability to house animals are located in Mosier Hall, Coles Hall, and the research "Hill". This guide briefly describes each facility, the procedures that must be followed to work and house animals in the facilities, the available equipment and supplies maintained in each facility, services available to investigators using these facilities, and the responsibilities of the Comparative Medicine Group (CMG) personnel when working in these facilities. The KSU College of Veterinary Medicine has a large investment in animal housing and research facilities. These facilities are designed and operated to ensure all animals are housed appropriately and humanely while providing maximal protection for the animals against contamination by viruses, pathogenic bacteria, ectoparasites, and endoparasites. The CMG facilities are fully accredited by the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care, International (AAALAC). Each facility has a unique population of animals and accordingly, each facility has specific operating rules and regulations. These requirements are especially important in facilities where Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) animals are housed. It is essential that all personnel follow the appropriate procedures for the facility where their animals are housed.

Personnel who do not follow these procedures may be denied access to the facility and may also lose their animal research privileges.

Keeping the facilities clean, secure and the animals healthy is critical for the success of everyone's research. If you see an investigator or an CMG employee who is not following the rules please take steps to correct the situation. You can contact the CMG facility manager, Susan Rose at (785) 532-5647, rose@vet.ksu.edu, or the CMG clinical veterinarian, Dr. Sally Olson (785) 532-4496, solson@vet.ksu.edu. If possible, obtain the name of the person involved so that they can be contacted and retrained as necessary.