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Comparative Medicine Group

Reporting Concerns About Inhumane Treatment of Animals


All laboratory animals must be handled, housed, treated, cared for, and transported in a humane and ethical manner. Any employee who has reason to question the treatment of animals at Kansas State University is encouraged to report incidents involving the improper treatment of laboratory animals with complete assurance of confidentiality and without any fear of retaliation.

  1. Contact any one of the individuals listed below to report an incident of inhumane or unethical treatment of laboratory animals.

    • Dr. Sally Olson
      Phone: 785-532-5648
      Email: solson@vet.ksu.edu

    • Dr. Jerry Jaax - Research Compliance Officer, University Veterinarian
      Phone: 785-532-3233
      Email: jaax@ksu.edu

    • Any veterinarian in CMG

    • Any member of the ACUC

  2. One of the above persons will meet with the employee to discuss the incident and prepare a written report. The employee's name will be held in the strictest confidence throughout the process.

  3. The incident will be reviewed by the Animal Research Committee.

  4. If the incident is found to be inconsistent with the policy of Kansas State University or applicable regulations regarding the humane and ethical treatment of animals, actions to remedy the problem will be taken.

  5. Regardless of the outcome of the review, the reporting employee will be contacted by the initial interviewer and informed of all steps taken to correct the problem.

  6. It is a violation of the policies of Kansas State University, and may be a violation of applicable laws, for any person to take any retaliatory action against an employee who reports an incident involving improper treatment of laboratory animals or who participates in a review of such an incident. Any person who feels that he/she has been subjected to retaliatory actions should report the same to any of the individuals listed above or to the Affirmative Action/Employee Relations Administrator, Kansas State University Human Resources.