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Comparative Medicine Group

How to Obtain Access to the Facilities

  1. Forms to obtain access cards or keys to animal rooms are issued by the CMG Animal Facility Manager, Susan Rose (532-5647). Final approval for all access cards and keys are made by the CMG Director, Dr. Kelly Taylor.

  2. Before access is granted to any animal facility, an individual must:

  3. In general, access is limited to between 8AM and 6PM. This is to allow for an uninterrupted dark cycle at night which is needed for normal animal behavior and mating patterns. Access outside of this time period will require scientific justification and will be reviewed by the CMG.

  4. Please be familiar with all emergency egress points in the facility. We encourage you to ask the facility manager for clarification when you begin working in the animal facilities.

  5. Visitors, including untrained KSU personnel, are not allowed in the animal facilities without the approval of the CMG Director.

  6. Cameras, video equipment and cellular phones with digital imaging capabilities are not allowed in any animal facility without the written permission of the CMG Director.

  7. Food and drinks are not allowed in the animal facilities including the corridors within the animal facilities.