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University and Military Engagement

K-State Engagement E-News, April/May 2010 (PDF)

As a land-grant university, Kansas State University is constantly developing its national rapport. University president, Kirk H. Schulz has visions of becoming a top land-grant school in several years and in order to do so, it is necessary to progress in the area of military and university engagement.

K-State is currently named one of the top military-friendly schools in the nation according to GI Jobs Magazine and Military Advanced Education Magazine. The university is in the top 15 percent of all schools in the nation and is known for its recruitment of military students and prevalence of military education. Military Education Advanced Magazine has recognized K-State as a leading military-friendly school for two years and ranks it among the top 60 of such schools.

"We're embarking on a strategic effort to leverage all of our rich military programs and our great policies, like the one that recognizes us as a top-ranking, military-friendly institution," Art DeGroat, K-State Director of Military Affairs said.

DeGroat said that the current push at K-State is to become not only a military-friendly university, but a military-inclusive university. This would mean totally immersing the military experience into the university experience and making them one and the same, not just showing favorability to the current military students.

This issue highlights the efforts by the university to combine Ft. Riley and other military experiences in order to achieve president Schulz's dream of becoming a top land-grant university.