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Journals for Engaged Scholars

Cityscape The goal of Cityscape is to bring high-quality original research on housing and community development issues to scholars, government officials, and practitioners. Cityscape is open to all relevant disciplines, including architecture, consumer research, demography, economics, engineering, ethnography, finance, geography, law, planning, political science, public policy, regional science, sociology, statistics, and urban studies.

Citizen Science: Theory and Practice This Peer-Review Journal focuses on advancing the field of citizen science by providing a venue for citizen science researchers and practitioners - scientists, information technologists, conservation biologists, community health organizers, educators, evaluators, urban planners, and more - to share best practices in conceiving, developing, implementing, evaluating, and sustaining projects that facilitate public participation in scientific endeavors in any discipline.

Community Development  Community Development is a peer review quarterly journal featuring articles on such diverse topics as rural and urban economic development, housing, entrepreneurship, theory, technology, social capital, and leadership, and much more. Articles are written by and for academics and practitioners.

Community Development Journal This leading international journal adopts a broad definition of community development to include policy, planning and action as they impact on the life of communities. It seeks to publish critically focused articles that challenge received wisdom, report and discuss innovative practices, and relate issues of community development to questions of social justice, diversity and environmental sustainability.

Community Works Journal Community Works Institute (CWI) has published the Journal since 1995, in support of teaching practices that build community. The Journal features essays and reflections along with curriculum overviews that highlight the importance of place, service, and sustainability to a relevant and meaningful education. We thank our many supporters, partners, and individual donors for their generous support for this publication.

Community Schools Online The Coalition for Community Schools, housed at the Institute for Educational Leadership, is an alliance of national, state and local organizations in education K-16, youth development, community planning and development, family support, health and human services, government and philanthropy as well as national, state and local community school networks. Community schools are both a place and a set of partnerships between the school and other community resources. There are a number of national models and local community school initiatives that share a common set of principles: fostering strong partnerships, sharing accountability for results, setting high expectations, building on the community’s strengths, and embracing diversity and innovative solutions.

Education, Citizenship and Social Justice Education, Citizenship and Social Justice is a peer-reviewed journal that provides a strategic forum for international and multi-disciplinary dialogue for all academic educators and educational policy-makers concerned with the meanings and form of citizenship and social justice as these are realized throughout the time spent in educational institutions.

Engaged Scholar Journal Engaged Scholar Journal is founded by the University of Saskatchewan in 2014. It aspires to become a leading multi-disciplinary, peer-reviewed, online journal that serves as a venue for reciprocal and meaningful co-creation of knowledge among scholars, educators, professionals, and community leaders, in Canada and worldwide.

Gateways International Journal of Community Research and Engagement Gateways is a refereed journal concerned with the practice and processes of university-community engagement. It provides a forum for academics, practitioners and community representatives to explore issues and reflect on practices relating to the full range of engaged activity. The journal publishes evaluative case studies of community engagement initiatives; analyses of the policy environment; and theoretical reflections that contribute to the scholarship of engagement.

Interdisciplinary Journal of Partnership Studies The Interdisciplinary Journal of Partnership Studies (IJPS) shares scholarship and creates connections for cultural transformation to build a world in which all relationships, institutions, policies and organizations are based on principles of partnership.

International Journal of Research on Service-Learning and Community Engagement The IJRSLCE is a peer-reviewed online journal dedicated to the publication of high quality research focused on service learning, campus-community engagement, and the promotion of active and effective citizenship through education.

Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development (JAFSCD) Inaugural Issue / Volume 1, Issue 1 / August 2010

Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems and Community Development  JAFSCD is an online, international, peer-reviewed focused on the practice and applied research interests of agriculture and food systems development professionals and scholars.

Journal for Civic Commitment A twice-yearly, online journal dedicated to service learning and civic engagement.

Journal of the Community Development Society  Progress in Community Health Partnerships (PCHP) is a national, peer-reviewed journal whose mission is to identify and publicize model programs that use community partnerships to improve public health, promote progress in the methods of research and education involving community health partnerships, and stimulate action that will improve the health of people and communities.

Journal of the Community Development Society Community development is a peer-reviewed journal focusing primarily on developed nations and featuring articles on such diverse topics as rural and urban economic development, housing, entrepreneurship, theory, technology, social capital, and leadership. Articles are written by and for practitioners and academics.

Journal of Community Engagement and Scholarship The Editorial Board of the Journal of Community Engagement and Scholarship (JCES) invites the submission of manuscripts that relate to its mission: to provide a mechanism through which faculty, staff, and students of academic institutions and their community partners disseminate scholarly works from all academic disciplines with the goal of integrating teaching, research, and community engagement.

Journal of Extension The Journal of Extension (JOE) expands and updates the research and knowledge base for U.S. Extension professionals and other outreach educators to improve their effectiveness. JOE also serves as a forum for emerging and contemporary issues affecting U.S. Cooperative Extension education.

Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement The Journal is a peer-reviewed publication that welcomes submissions from a broad range of scholars, practitioners, and professionals. Its editorial goals are:

  • To serve as a forum to promote the continuing dialogue about the service and outreach mission of the university; and
  • To foster understanding of how the service and outreach mission relates to the university's teaching and research missions as well as the needs of the sponsoring society.

Journal of Public DeliberationJournal of Public Deliberation is a peer review, open access journal with the principal objective of synthesizing the research, opinion, projects, experiments and experiences of academics and practitioners in the multi-disciplinary field of "deliberative democracy."

Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning A peer-reviewed journal publishing articles written by faculty and service-learning educators on research, theory, pedagogy, and other issues related to academics (curriculum-based) service-learning in higher education.

Partnerships: A Journal of Service-Learning & Civic Engagement Partnerships recognizes that successful engaged learning depends on effective partnerships between students, faculty, community agencies, administrators, disciplines, and more. The articles in this peer-reviewed journal focus on how theories and practices can inform and improve such partnerships, connections, and collaborations. Studies co-authored by faculty, students, and/or community partners; or examining practices across disciplines or campuses; or exploring international networks are all encouraged.

Progress in Community Health Partnerships: Research, Education, and Action The mission of the Journal is to facilitate dissemination of programs that use community partnerships to improve public health, to promote progress in the methods of research and education involving community health partnerships, and to stimulate action that will improve the health of people in communities.

Reflections Reflections, a peer reviewed journal that provides a forum for scholarship on writing, service learning, and community literacy, brings together an array of voices to reflect upon the theoretical, ethical, and political implications of community-based writing and civic engagement.