Engagement Incentive Grants Award Honor Roll

Spring 2013 Engagement Incentive Grants Awards

Engaging Novice Agricultural Educators in Community Based Service Learning Programs

Brandie Disberger, instructor in the Department of Communications and Agricultural Education, leads this project.

This project will promote engagement through an interdisciplinary effort that targets novice agricultural educators. Through collaboration with the College of Agriculture, the College of Human Ecology and the School of Leadership Studies, the project will engage rural communities in service learning projects with novice agricultural educators. This program will focus on providing financial education and service learning exposure to novice agricultural educators in Kansas who are currently in their 2nd to 5th years of teaching.

A two-day conference will be hosted in December in Salina, Kan.  It will be open to all 2nd-5th year agricultural education teachers in the state.  This two-part program will focus on: making the novice teachers more financially competent and secure so that teaching long-term is an option for them, and connecting the agricultural educators with resources and ideas to complete a service learning project in their communities. After the conference, the teachers will return to their communities and complete a service-learning project with their students during the spring semester.

The ultimate goal of the program is to obtain long-term private funding for this program to increase the retention rate of agricultural educators across the state, Disberger says.

Brandie Disberger, Department of Communications - College of Agriculture

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Engage, Collaborate, and Counsel to Enhance Educational Capacity

Judy Hughey, associate professor with the Department of Special Education, Counseling, and Student Affairs, leads this project.

The project will develop and implement engagement initiatives for educators, counselors, and faculty to assist military-connected families. These individuals will work in collaboration with the Manhattan Boys & Girls Club (B&GC) to meet the academic, personal, social, behavioral, career and emotional needs of military connected students and families.

A multidisciplinary team will design and provide professional development of theory-based instructional and counseling interventions that will better prepare educators and counselors to work with students and members of military-connected families.
Graduate students in school counseling and current school counselors will be provided knowledge on military culture and its impact on the learning needs of students, and advanced skill development in individual and group theory and interventions specific to military trauma, depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, communication challenges, and family distress. Successful completion of the learning modules addressing these issues will result in counselors earning a Certificate of Competency in Counseling Military Connected Students.

Judy Hughey, Special Education, Counseling and Student Affairs - College of Education

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North Salina Community Development, Inc. and Kansas State University Salina

Greg Stephens, David Norlin and Kathy Brockway, all associate professors in the Department of Arts, Sciences and Business at Kansas State Salina, lead this project.

This project is focused on the redevelopment and improvement of North Salina through a collaborative effort involving K-State Salina, the North Salina Community Development, Inc (NSCD), and seven other organizations. This geographical space is an older part of town with a population of nearly 3,000 and an income less than the median income of Salina. To assist the NSCD in engaging and informing residents about the redevelopment project, student participants will survey residents and business owners in North Salina to organize community meetings, identify issues and leaders, and identify a communication plan for the neighborhood. Students from Kansas Wesleyan and the Salina Technical College will help assist in marketing, documentation, and development of a social media and branding project, Stephens says.

The group is currently bringing collaborators together to continue planning the redevelopment project. Student participants will begin in the fall.

David Norlin, Greg Stephens, and Kathy Brockway, K-State Salina - Office of the Dean

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Engaging the Design Students in Developing Rehabilitation Facility Prototype to Assist the Wounded Warriors Returning from Iraq and Afghanistan: A Service Learning Project

Vibhavari Jani, associate professor in the Department of Interior Architecture and Product Design, leads this project.

Members of this project will work with wounded soldiers, their family members and their caregivers to identify the rehabilitation needs of veterans returning to Kansas from the Iraq and Afghanistan war.  Based on their findings, Interior Architecture and Product Design graduate students within the College of Architecture Planning and Design will design prototypes for a specialized rehabilitation facility for these soldiers.  The prototypes will promote community engagement activities so that the members of the community can provide a “buddy system” for the wounded veterans and give them the support they need to overcome their ailments, continue their treatments and reconnect with the community they left behind when they went to war. The research findings will be published and presented at national and international venues.

This fall, researchers will continue to understand the needs of soldiers, identify new therapeutic treatments, and develop a prototype for the facility.

Vibhavari Jani, Interior Architecture and Product Design - College of Architecture

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Three Words that Changed the World

Thomas Vontz, associate professor and director of the Center for Social Studies Education, and Arthur DeGroat, director of the Office of Military Affairs, lead this project.

The project, which is through the College of Arts and Sciences, will produce, test, and distribute a Freedom Week curriculum that aims to help students of all ages learn more about the political ideals America was founded upon.

HB 2280 is currently under consideration by the Senate Education Committee, and is expected to become law. This bill will require all Kansas school districts to appropriately educate their students in the meaning of the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution, including the Bill of Rights. This education will occur during the week of September 17, and be known as “Freedom Week.”

This project is a response to the legislation and will work to create meaningful, interesting, and engaging curricula for students. Kansas State University’s Center for Social Studies Education and Office of Military Affairs will work in collaboration with Inland Sea Productions and its partners - the National Archives and Records Administration and the Smithsonian Institution - to design, field-test, and distribute an engaging, content-rich, and enduring Freedom Week curricula.

Tom Vontz and Arthur DeGroat, Center for Social Studies Education and Military Affairs - College of Education and Arts and Sciences

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Fall 2009 Engagement Incentive Grants Awards

Earthworms Across Kansas: A Citizen Science Approach to an Invasive Species Survey

Bruce Snyder, Department of Biology

A Probabilistic and Network-Based Approach for the Development of Efficient Epidemic-Mitigation Strategies for the City of Chanute, Kansas

Caterina Scoglio, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Click here to read "Impact of Preventive Responses to Epidemics in Rural Regions".

Partnering with K-State Research and Extension to Develop and Disseminate a Cognitive-Behavioral Program for Physical Activity

Elizabeth Fallon, Department of Kinesiology

Filling the Larder, Feeding our Families: A Chapman Center for Rural Studies History is Now Project

Bonnie Lynn-Sherow, Department of History

Spring 2009 Engagement Incentive Grants Awards

Why Buy Rural When I Can Get it on the Way Home

Marcus Ashlock, Department of Communications

Increasing Acceptance of Food Assistance Vision Cards by Rural Kansas Groceries to Improve Resident Health and Economic Viability Within Rural Kansas Communities

Sandra Procter, Human Nutrition

Morland Grocery Store Project - Community Awareness/Support Survey (CASS)

Chris Petty, Graham County Extension Office

Fall 2008 Engagement Incentive Grant Awards

Development and Promotion of Healthy Snack Products for School Children

Sajid Alavi, Department of Grain Science and Industry

Design Development and implementation of the Northview Elementary Learning Garden                   

Katie Kingery-Page, Architecture/Regional and Community Planning

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Measuring and Analyzing Efficiency of Safety Net Clinics

David Ben-Arieh, Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Summer Institute for Teaching: Camp Shakespeare

Don Hedrick, Department of English

Spring 2008 Engagement Incentive Grant Awards

Technology Enhanced Collaboration -- Schools and Teachers Engaged in Professional Development (TEC-STEP)

Tim Frey, Special Education, Counseling, and Student Affairs

Matchmaking Made Easy: Helping Jobs, Young Workers, and Trainers Find Each Other

Betty Stevens, Continuing Education

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Biscuits and Bison: Great Plains Foodways Connection Project

Jane Marshall, Dept. of Hotel, Restaurant, Institution Management and Dietetics

Transportation Network Development: Leaping the Hurdles for Local Food Markets

Vincent Amanor-Boadu, Agricultural Economics

Fall 2007 Engagement Incentive Grant Awards

Putting the Community in Community Assessment: Public Deliberation in Assessing Social Service Assets and Needs in Manhattan, KS/Riley County

Lynda Bachelor, Civic Leadership

Health Literacy for HIV/Aids Prevention among Minority Women: A Community-Based Participatory Approach

Nancy Muturi, Journalism and Mass Communication

Romeo and Juliet -- A Theatrical Response to Youth Violence

R. Michael Gros, Theatre Program

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Rural Engagement and Action Leadership, or the REAL Project

Ron Wilson, Huck Boyd National Institute for Rural Development

Engaging the Engagers: What Excites the University Extension Agent?

Satoris Youngcourt, Psychology

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Spring 2007 Engagement Incentive Grant Awards

Pilot learning community at Meadowlark Hills Retirement Community

Gayle Doll, PI

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Expanding Institutional Markets and Local Food Production in the Kansas River Valley

Rhonda Janke, PI

  • Expanding Institutional Markets and Local Food Production in the Kansas River Valley is a project to engage K-State faculty, local farmers and ranchers, and local institutional, school system and restaurant buyers to build a sustainable food system.
Building Web Site Templates to Support Rural Communities and Immigrant Populations in the Great Plains

Tom Gould and Bradley Shaw, PIs

  • Building Bridges with Rural Communities: Building Web Site Templates to Support Rural Communities and Immigrant Populations in the Great Plains. This project involves K-State faculty working with rural communities and immigrant populations to create useable community web sites.
Impact of Civic Discourse on Citizen Participation in Political Process

Larry Erickson and Marie Steichen, PIs

  • The Impact of Civic Discourse on Citizen Participation in the Political Process will increase K-State's engagement with Kansas communities on important community issues. The project also will seek to engage community research to study the impact of public forums on citizen participation.

Fall 2006 Engagement Incentive Grant Awards

Technical Assistance to Urban Core Communities

Sheri Smith, PI

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Engaging the Military Student Community in the K-State Academic Culture

Daryle Youngman, Donna Schenck-Hamlin and Federico Rodriguez, PIs

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Partnerships for Healthier Kansas

Mike Bradshaw, Elaine Johannes, and Carol Ann Holcomb, PIs

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Community-based Participatory Research for Obesity Prevention and Management in Rural Kansas Latinos

Melissa Bopp and Elizabeth Fallon, PIs

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