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Center for Child Development

Our Facility

The Center’s State-of-the-Art facility was designed especially for children and early childhood educators.

The facility has many green components and uses natural cleaning solutions to ensure a healthy environment.

The playgrounds feature nature-based outdoor classrooms as connecting children to nature is an important part of our philosophy and curriculum.


Security cameras, secure playgrounds, and one entrance with entry codes to enter the building and classrooms help us keep our children, parents, and staff safe.

The safety of all who use the CCD is important to maintain. For this reason, the main facility entrance, individual classroom doors and the nursing mom's room are equipped with a keypad entry system.

Each authorized person will be issued a 6-digit PIN (Personal Identification Number). The PINs are randomly assigned by the Operations/Enrollment Director and specific to each individual.

Authorized parents/guardians of the child will receive their PIN during New Parent Orientation.