Study Abroad CAT Community

What is a Study Abroad CAT Community?

Study Abroad CAT Communities provide a dynamic, global learning experience for K-State students from the start of their college experience. Like our other CAT Communities, 22 first-year students take a group of academic classes together during the fall semester, but they also have the chance to travel abroad over Winter Break for an international service-learning adventure.

Spanish in Action [Costa Rica]

Develop your intermediate Spanish skills through meaningful interactions with Spanish speakers here in Manhattan and in the small rural community of Atenas, Costa Rica. The Spanish in Action community links the study and practice of service-learning with a special section of Spanish 4, culminating in an 11-day service-learning immersion adventure in Costa Rica, Jan. 5-15, 2015.

Study Abroad: Costa Rica. Prerequisites: Placement into SPAN 4.

MLANG 398 Intermediate Spanish in the Community, section B [15729]

LEAD 212 Introduction to Leadership Concepts, section D [11420]

Note: Students will be part of the same small group within this section.

MLANG 398 Intermediate Spanish: Costa Rica, Section ZA

By appointment, taken over the winter intersession

[1 hour] – Laura Kanost

Costa Rica [Trip Dates: 01/05/15- 01/15/15]

Scholarships available for this CAT Community! Students in a study abroad CAT Community are eligible to receive scholarships to help fund their travel. To receive these scholarships, students must have at least a 2.5 GPA upon completion of their first semester at Kansas State. (In some limited circumstances, students with GPAs under 2.5 may also receive a scholarship upon the recommendation of the learning community instructor and the Director of K-State First. Students with GPAs below 2.0 will not be considered for study abroad CAT Community scholarships.) Student participants who are Pell Grant-eligible will each receive a scholarship of $1,500, and students who qualify for federal financial aid will each receive a scholarship of $750. Students who are not eligible for financial aid will receive a $250 scholarship.


In a Study Abroad CAT Community, first-year students:

•Take two general education courses with the same 22 students during the fall semester

•Travel abroad to complete a CAT Community connections course, during which students participate in service-learning activities under the direction of an expert faculty member

•Work with awesome faculty members, both during the fall semester and on the connections course abroad

•Have the opportunity to work with an undergraduate Learning Assistant, who will share experiences about college life and studying abroad

•Participate in campus social and educational activities related to shared interests