Residential CAT Community

What is a Residential CAT Community?

Residential CAT communities provide an added opportunity for first-year students to connect with others who share their academic interests by placing them in the same campus Residence Hall. Like our other CAT Communities, 22 first-year students take a group of classes together, but they live, eat, sleep, study, and socialize near each other, too!

The American Story

What did it feel like to live in America from the colonial period through the end of the 19th century? Find out for yourself by crossing a riverbed on the Overland Trail while taking a field trip along the route. Keep a journal of your reactions to American novels and dramas, and discover how Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle represents the historical atmosphere of its time. Please note that this is a Residential CAT Community; students will take this group of courses together and live together on Moore Hall along with their Learning Assistant.

Residential: Moore Hall

ENGL 270 American Literature, section B [13247]

HIST 251 History of US to 1877, section B [11977]

DAS 199 The American Story, section G [11102]


First Scholars

This CAT community will focus on empowering students with tools and resources to create a successful transition to college. Students will learn about themselves and others by learning how to analyze the social world and their place in it through self-reflection exercises. Personal leadership potential will be explored while students discover different resources and services available to them. This living learning community is for first-generation first-year students.

LEAD 212 Introduction to Leadership Concepts, section E [11419]

SOCIO 211 Introduction to Sociology, section A [13042]

LEAD 502 1st Gen 101: First Generation Transition Seminar, section I [16366]

Residential: Putnam Hall


Psychology of Prejudice

Prejudice affects all of us in daily life-- here's your chance to identify how. Discover how stereotypes develop and are perpetuated in society. Participate in events that highlight issues of social justice. Explore the research of faculty and other students, and then conduct your own research project about prejudice and stereotypes. Please note that this is a Residential CAT Community; students will take this group of courses together and live together on Goodnow Hall along with their Learning Assistant.

Residential: Goodnow Hall

PSYCH 110 General Psychology, section P [12982]

SOCIO 211 Introduction to Sociology, section A [13042]

DAS 199 Psychology of Prejudice, section C [1101]



Discover what you do best and learn how to use those talents to make your college experience rewarding and successful. In this positive and engaging learning community, you will study the importance of good leadership and the links between your own strengths and your social world. Students in this CAT Community live together in the same residence hall. This living learning community is for first-generation first-year students.

Residential: Residence Hall locations to be determined by availability and by student preferences.

LEAD 212 Introduction to Leadership Concepts, Section C [11417]

SOCIO 211 Introduction to Sociology, Section A [13042]

LEAD 502 Strengths, Please choose Section L [17481], M [17482], N [17483], or O [17484]



In a Residential CAT Community, first-year students:

•Take two general education courses and one connections course with the same 22 students

•Are housed in the same Residence Halls

•Have the opportunity to work with an undergraduate Residential Learning Assistant, who lives just down the hall and offers academic and social support

•Work with awesome faculty members, both in class and in Residence Hall sponsored events, such as our faculty lecture series.

•Participate in social and educational activities related to shared interests.

Is a Residential CAT Community for you?

The Residential Community may be a good fit for you if...

•You are looking for a first-year college experience that will maximize academic and social opportunities, through both a community of dedicated students and talented family

•You are interested in the classes and themes of this year’s Residential CAT Community offerings

•You wish to reserve a space in one of our popular on campus Residence Halls

If you are interested in enrolling in a residential CAT Community, please e-mail us at and let us know which one most interests you. Once we have enrolled you officially, we will send you a confirmation.