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President Clinton gives a Landon Lecture.

Upcoming lectures
K-State features lectures on public issues, civil rights, public policies, international activies, and topics of importance in higher education and to K-State.

Lecture series at K-State

Landon Lecture Series
The Alfred M. Landon Lecture Series on Public Issues is a tribute to the late Alfred M. Landon, who for many years was Kansas' most distinguished political leader. Three to five of the country's leading personalities appear on the Landon Lecture platform each academic year.
Dorothy L. Thompson Civil Rights Lecture Series
The lecture series focuses on civil rights in recognition of Dorothy Thompson's contributions to the field of human rights on campuses throughout Kansas and the nation.
Lou Douglas Lectures
Lou Douglas Lectures seek to extend understanding of public policies that can further democratize society. They contribute to the general education of students and others by presenting speakers who will jolt conventional wisdom and propose public policy that deals progressively democratically with the roots of social, political and economic problems.
Provost's Lecture Series
Established in 1995, the Provost's Lecture Series features nationally known speakers and on-campus experts who address topics of importance in higher education in general and at Kansas State University in particular.
Vernon Larson International Luncheon Series
Established in 1979, the series offers an opportunity for the K-State community to hear presentations from faculty who have recently participated in an extensive overseas activity or who are involved in major international activities.