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K-State's event calendar


  • The calendar system has about a 10 minute cache before you will see an event you added on a webpage.

  • Events entered here will be included on the full K-State event calendar and possibly the homepage calendar unless Private is selected in the upper left column.
    • Note: Research and Extension local unit events will not automatically display on the university calendar.
  • With that in mind, be sure the Title of your events are clear and can stand alone in a university calendar listing.

  • Recommended Calendars: You can recommend your event for other calendars, but it won't appear on those calendars until the owner has accepted or added the event. (A notifications process is in the works and intended to be implemented soon.)

  • Don't recreate central events, such as first day of classes, State Fair or All-University Open House, in your calendar. Those events should be listed in the calendar by their owner (Registrar's Office, Research and Extension, etc.). Find the event you want to list in the All Events list and Add to Calendars using the Actions on the right.

  • This new system allows much better sharing of events, but it doesn't remove the need to communicate. If you are co-sponsoring an event, communicate with the other sponsor about who will add the event to the calendar and take ownership (editing rights).