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Regular/Budgeted Position

To request a new Regular/Budgeted position

Please send three items to the Budget Office.

  1. A letter addressed to the Assistant Vice President/Budget Planning. This letter should request the FTE for the position, or state where the FTE will be coming from in the budget. It should also state how the position is to be funded in the budget. If it is to be funded through general use funds, it needs to indicate where the funds will be coming from to balance the budget. The letter should also state what the approximate salary will be on the position. This amount can always be changed later, as can the funding. Finally, please state in the letter who in the department should receive the new position number once it is set up.
  2. A Position Data Sheet (PER-36) with the details of the position. This form is available for download from the Human Resources website or download the PDF. See an example of how to fill out this form. All the green highlighted fields are ones that need to be filled out.
  3. Documentation that the department has been approved to set up a new position. Currently, this approval needs to be from the provost or your area head.

Once the Budget Office receives the letter, Position Data Sheet (PER-36) and approval documentation, and the Budget Director approves the FTE, the position number will be created. The Budget Office will email the new position number to both the requesting department and Human Resources.