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Blue Key



"Attitudes and Habits for Successful Leaders"

A key component of personal and leadership development is establishing attitudes and habits for success. Blue Key has created a program to present ideas, discussion, and techniques to foster personal growth in areas important to individual achievement. Catalyst gives you an opportunity for you to have fun, build friendships, and discover your capabilities as an individual.

Who can participate in Catalyst?

Catalyst is open to any interested student for the Spring 2016 semester, with a focus on freshman and sophomore K-Staters.

What do participants do in Catalyst?

Members will experience a semester of learning about topics important to personal growth, including self-confidence, goal-setting, motivation, relationships, and many others. Catalyst members will also participate in Kick-Off right before Winter Break and a Retreat at the beginning of the Spring semester, at which students hear from the world-renowned author of Habitudes, Dr. Tim Elmore. Dr. Elmore is coming to campus to speak about his book and his experiences in leadership and personal development. This event is open to all students thanks to the Student Governing Association, K-State First, and Kansas FFA Association.

When does Catalyst take place?

Catalyst students will join small groups led by current Blue Key members.

Small groups will meet weekly in the spring to discuss relevant topics. There will also be one large group session each month where participants will hear from campus leaders, passionate K-Staters, and celebrate all they have accomplished through the program.