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  • Welcome to Principles of Biology - Fall 2012
    Course Coordinator -

    Before you even start to look at the biology material, take a brief web-based test (VARK) to help you figure out how you learn, and get some studying strategies to help you get the most out of the many learning opportunities in Biology 198.

    Do you have a question about this course? Is it true that half the class is failing? Are the test questions really designed to trick you? For the real facts, check out the new Biology 198 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

    Attendance policy

    Sample syllabus

    Online textbook

    Sample exam and some explanations of the questions and format ( D.A. Rintoul)

    Short summary tutorial about diffusion and transport

    Links to influenza information\

    If you are currently enrolled in Biology 198, click here to get to K-STATE ONLINE.

    If you want to be a practicum in BIOLOGY 198, you can find more information here.

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    Kansas State University
    July 18, 2012