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American Ethnic Studies

Dr. Shireen Roshanravan

Associate Professor in the Department of American Ethnic Studies, and affiliated faculty member in Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies, Dr. Roshanravan works at the intersection of Women of Color coalition politics, decoloniality, critical race and feminist/queer of color theory, comparative ethnic and Asian American studies. She earned her doctorate from the State University of New York at Binghamton in the interdisciplinary program of Philosophy, Interpretation & Culture. During her time at Binghamton University, she co-founded a local chapter of the Incite! Women, Trans and Gender Non-Conforming People of Color Against Violence movement and became a member of la Escuela Popular Norteña, a popular education school based in Northern New Mexico. Shireen is co-editor with Lynn Fujiwara of Asian American Feminisms and Women of Color Politics (University of Washington Press, December 2018). She is also co-editor with Pedro DiPietro and Jennifer McWeeny of Speaking Face-to-FaceThe Visionary Philosophy of María Lugones (SUNY Press, expected June 2019). Her current book project is tentatively titled The Coalitional Imperative: Political Integrity at the Limits of Queer Rupture.

   Asian American Feminisms and Women of Color PoliticsSelect Publications:


AMETH Courses Taught at KSU

  • AMETH 160: Introduction to American Ethnic Studies

  • AMETH 354: Asian American Perspectives: Racist Love*

  • AMETH 354: Asian American Perspectives: Islamophobia*

  • AMETH 370: Politics of Women of Color*

  • AMETH 461: Transformative Thought*


GWSS Courses Taught at KSU

  • Introduction to Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies

  • Love and Sex in India

  • Women of Color Feminisms

  • Capstone: Feminist Methodologies

  • Transnational Feminisms (undergrad/grad seminar)

  • Sexuality Studies (undergrad/grad seminar)

  • Queer of Color Critique (undergrad/grad seminar)

  • Feminist Analysis and Practice (grad seminar)


PHILO (Philosophy) Courses Taught at KSU

  • Philosophy of Feminism*


*Also counts for credit in Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies and the Queer Studies Minor.

Shireen Roshanravan, Associate Professor 

Contact Info

Email: sroshanr@ksu.edu

Phone: (785) 532-2112

Office: Leasure Hall, Room 103B

Office Hours:  

Tuesdays and Thursdays

1:25pm-2:25pm or by appointment