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The Criminology Club / KSU ACJA

American Criminal Justice Association

Kansas State University
809 K-State Student Union
Manhattan, Kansas 66506


Office of the Chapter Vice President


Rebekah Esau
Chapter Vice President of KSU ACJA
(2015 - 2016) 

CodyRebekah Esau will be serving as the 7th Chapter Vice President in KSU ACJA history. She was elected to serve on October 28, 2015. Previously, she served as Chapter President & Vice President of Zheta Rho Omega, a subordinate chapter located in Johnson County Community College. 

As Chapter Vice President, Ms. Esau is in charge of serving as the official representative of the Kappa Sigma Upsilon Chapter and presides during Cabinet meetings in the absence of the Chapter President. She also assists the Chapter President in recruiting professional guest speakers, registers newly installed members to the listserv; officially interprets the Constitution of the Kappa Sigma Upsilon Chapter, including Grand Chapter by-laws and standing rules of order; serves as the President's liaison when attending special and standing committee meetings in his absence; provides leadership and advise to officials (elected and appointed) of the chapter, chairs impeachment trials when the constitution permits, among other duties as assigned by the President.

The Vice President is also charged with speaking to the media in the absence of the President; including interviews with K-State's 91.9 FM Wildcat Radio, K-State Collegian, among other media outlets.

Vice President's e-mail: