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The Criminology Club / KSU ACJA

President Emeritus of KSU ACJA

This section of the website was created to officially recognize former Chapter Presidents of KSU ACJA who have been bestowed the honorary title as President Emeritus by the chapter membership for their exemplary service and leadership for the subordinate chapter and Kansas State University.

Ronnie Hernandez
President Emeritus I & Founding Father of KSU ACJA
Chairman of the KSU ACJA Emeritus Cabinet

presidentemeritusronnieRonnie Hernandez was granted emeritus status by the KSU ACJA membership on April 19, 2012. Under the leadership of Mr. Hernandez, the group gained much success in the areas of retention and positive publicity. Thanks to the help of the K-State Collegian, Wildcat 91.9, KMAN Radio, among other media outlets, the American Criminal Justice Association - Kappa Sigma Upsilon Chapter received much positive attention from members of the K-State community and the Manhattan area as a whole. Mr. Hernandez took the initiative to work with the media and more to promote the fraternity to a high standard in order to let the people know of its existence as well as getting the group to a good start.

Aside from working with the media, President Hernandez initiated and launched the official website of Kappa Sigma Upsilon Chapter for the first time in January of 2012. He worked with professionals from web communications to take the website live on the K-State server and interconnect with social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook.  Additionally, he wrote the Constitution and By-Laws for the subordinate chapter, which was approved by the membership by unanimous consent. He was also successful in recruiting professional guest speakers from a variety of criminal justice fields, including but not limited to, the FBI, ATF, US Secret Service, DEA, a judge from the KS Court of Appeals, attorneys, and more. He also worked closely with the staff of K-State Career and Employment Services to hold a field trip to the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center near Hutchinson, KS and held a group social at the Cosmosphere and Space Center. He greatly appreciated their generosity, support, and partnership.

During his administration, he attempted to focus mainly on group retention and fundraising in order to ensure a successful future for the newly created subordinate chapter at the time. When the chapter was first founded in December of 2011, it had 7 members total and increased to nearly 30 by the end of his one semester term.

Upon conclusion of his presidency, Mr. Hernandez was named President Emeritus for his exemplary leadership and service  to the fraternity and Kansas State as a whole by Kappa Sigma Upsilon. He was also awarded the "Outstanding Leadership Award" and the "Outstanding Senior Award" by the membership.

Aside from his service as Chapter President of KSU ACJA, he also served as President of the Criminology Club, Vice President of the Criminology Club, as an Associate Justice of the Student Tribunal, Assistant Attorney General of KSU SGA, Chairman of the SGA Elections Review Committee (last one in its history), as a Judge for the KSU Parking Citations Appeals Board, as a voting member of the Undergraduate Grievance Board; the KSU Panel for the Policy Prohibiting Sexual Violence, among other university wide committees.

On June 17, 2012, Mr. Hernandez initiated "The Hernandez Family Leadership Award and Scholarship for KSU ACJA" which is donated through the Hernandez Family Scholarship Fund. Any student who is currently enrolled as a student at Kansas State University and is officially recognized as a member of KSU ACJA and ACJA-LAE will be eligible to apply.

Mr. Hernandez was elected to serve as Chairman of the KSU ACJA Emeritus Cabinet on 03/13/2015 for a four (4) year term. His term will end on 03/01/2019. The Chairman of the KSU ACJA Emeritus Cabinet serves as the head of the emeritus body and provides leadership and advice as may be required by the current officers and the Emeritus Cabinet of the association. As Chair, he also presides during Emeritus Cabinet meetings, provides any material as may be required for review to the board, and votes only in the event of a tie. 

There have been six Chapter President's under Mr. Hernandez's advice, they are:

  1. Emmanuel Lopez (January 2017 - Present)
  2. Rebekah Esau (August - December 2016)
  3. Cody Blake (Spring 2016)
  4. Adriana Olivas, (2014 - 2016)
  5. Jordan Oatsvall, (2013 - 2014)
  6. Crystian Torres, (2012 - 2013)


Under Mr. Hernandez's leadership, the Office of the President has held the highest officer retention rate than any other office of the KSU ACJA Cabinet. 


Wildcat 91.9 Publication - Radio Interviews

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Adriana Olivas
President Emeritus II of KSU ACJA


Adriana President Emeritus IIAdriana Olivas served as the 4th Chapter President in KSU ACJA history. She was approved by the membership to serve as President Emeritus II of KSU ACJA on February 17, 2015 by unanimous consent. 

Miss Olivas was elected for President on April 30, 2014. Previously, she was elected as Secretary and Chief of Staff before being promoted as Chapter Vice President by President Oatsvall and President Emeritus Hernandez. She was very instrumental in helping lead the organization in achieving two main goals which included taking the membership for the first time to a Regional and a National Conference of the American Criminal Justice Association. She also achieved a permanent partnership with the Riley County Police Department to hold mock crime scenes every year at the K-State Student Union to further educate members of the community about the criminal justice system. 

Before becoming a student at Kansas State University - during her freshman year - she attended Rockhurst University where she founded her own student organization to provide carpooling and other transportation initiatives as there was poor to no representation in regards to transportation benefits for out of campus living students. The club would provide students a fast and efficient way to make to school and back home while making long lasting friendships. 

Chief among her goals during her time as a top executive was to increase membership numbers and participation, increase treasury funds, and promote the fraternity to a much higher standard. Miss Olivas broke the barrier in becoming the first female Chief of Staff, Vice President, and President of KSU ACJA. She is also the first president in history to have more women in the cabinet - which brought much more fresh ideas and concepts to the table never before seen to make the fraternity be more successful. 

Miss Olivas graduated in the Spring of 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Criminology. 





Cody Blake
President Emeritus III of KSU ACJA


President Emeritus IIICody Blake served as Chapter President of KSU ACJA for the Spring of 2015. Before serving in this capacity he served as Chapter Vice President for 2 years prior. He was instrumental in merging the KSU ACJA subordinate chapter with the Criminology Club to provide students with greater opportunities with merged resources. This includes scholarships and attendance to regional and national conferences sponsored by grand chapter. 

He was nominated by Chairman Hernandez and approved by the KSU ACJA Emeritus Cabinet to serve as President Emeritus III in May of 2015.