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The Criminology Club / KSU ACJA

Office of the Chapter President


Emmanuel Lopez
Chapter President of KSU ACJA
(2016 - 2017)


Emmanuel Lopez will be serving as the 7th Chapter President in KSU ACJA history. 

As President, Mr. Lopez will be serving as the chief executive and official representative of Kappa Sigma Upsilon in the Criminology Club. He will have the power to veto decisions rendered by the KSU ACJA Cabinet, preside cabinet meetings and call them to order, determine if there is a quorum, have the authority to make executive orders that is in the best interest of KSU ACJA while abiding by the constitution, excuse absences as it relates to ACJA only with final authority, provide assistance and direction to all officers of KSU ACJA, state and put to vote questions that legitimately come before the assembly, expedite business in every way possible without denying the rights of the membership, respond to questions arising from the media whenever necessary, in consultation with the faculty advisor, among having an ongoing concern for organization retention and continuity as it relates to ACJA activities.

To contact the chapter president, you may send him an email here