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In Memory of Daniel Flores

RecruitmentDaniel Flores is the inaugural holder of the Office of the Director for Recruitment of KSU ACJA. While serving as the Recruitment Director, he was very instrumental in helping the newly found chapter increase membership numbers close to 30 by the end of his term. He was also responsible for assisting President Hernandez and Vice President Torres have two talk shows at Wildcat 91.9 FM.

News was received that Mr. Flores was unjustly murdered while at work in Steckline Communications in Wichita, KS, in which brought much shock and sadness to the members of KSU ACJA. He was a very active member of the chapter, never missed meetings, and was a very hard worker. Thanks to Mr. Flores, and his friends from Wildcat 91.9, we were able to reach out to the community and receive a lot of positive feedback from the citizens of Manhattan, KS. Daniel and his friends helped formulate a lot of good press in which brought a lot of positive attention to the new subordinate chapter at the time.

Mr. Hernandez (President Emeritus of KSU ACJA) is very thankful for his service and for doing all he could to make KSU ACJA successful. He will be greatly missed, not only for his service to the chapter, but for his kind hearted attitude, always looking out for others, and sharing his passion with us about broadcast and sports!